Keeping your Samsung Galaxy A3 updated to the latest Android OS is really important, as in that way you can receive everything that’s new, starting from apps, features and Samsung’s own UI. Well, since the update operation is somehow linked with the download mode that is featured by default on your device, during the following guidelines I will show you how to quickly and easily reboot your Galaxy A3 into download mode.

What is download mode? Well, similar with recovery mode, download mode represent a hidden environment that is featured by default on your Samsung Galaxy A3. As already pointed out, this environment is usually used when you are dealing with update types of operations; in fact, with manual flashing procedures, as when dealing with an OTA, the update is installed right away. So, if you need or have to manually install an official Android OS on your Galaxy A3, then definitely, reaching download mode will be a must.

The manual update operations are going hand in hand with Odin (this is an official program developed and offered by Samsung and used especially on updates operations). Thus, whether you want to install the latest Android release, or downgrade your Galaxy A3 to stock Android firmware, using Odin will not be an option. But Odin can be used only if your Galaxy A3 is booted into download mode, as else the program can’t recognize your Android device. So, everything that’s related to the update process is therefore linked with Odin and with download mode.

It is important to know that using Odin for manually flashing an official firmware is quite important. For example this operation can be used even if an OTA is released. The OTAs are usually offered in phases, so not all the A3 users will receive their notifications at the same time. Thus, choose to skip the wait and use Odin for manually updating your phone. At the same time, OTAs can be flashed only if your Galaxy A3 is not rooted and installed with stock Android OS. Therefore, using Odin will be required for manually installing stock Android on a rooted smartphone or on a device installed with a custom ROM.

And, in the end, downgrading your Galaxy A3 to stock Android software will be required if you will want to manually fix your software bricked Android device. You see, by applying the default Android system your phone will be restored to its initial state which means that problems like boot loops, lags, bugs, force close, battery drain, screen freeze or total blackouts can be easily addressed. Of course, download mode is a must for all these update situations.

As you can notice, putting your Galaxy A3 in download mode is extremely important, so don’t hesitate and learn how to safely and quickly complete this operation. The best is that this process is official, so you won’t lose your phone’s warranty by applying the steps from below. Also, you won’t have to use complex or risky tools – we will keep it all official, safe and secured. At the same time, the steps from below will work without problems on both rooted or locked devices, or if on your phone you have the stock or a custom recovery image installed.

Before considering in using download mode for applying a certain update, also consider in backing up your Samsung Galaxy A3. Save everything that you might need afterwards, as during the flashing process, your personal data, info and accounts might get corrupted or even wiped out – if on your phone you have a custom recovery image installed, you can now use the same for making a Nandroid backup too (saving the current ROM).

Finally, before starting the steps from below charge your Galaxy A3. It will be important to plug in the charger if the battery status currently shows less than 50% power left – if your phone gets turned off while you try to reach download mode, it might get bricked.

How to Enter Download Mode on Samsung Galaxy A3

Apply the Hardware method

  1. Turn off your smartphone (completely – press power key and pick “reboot” or press and hold power button for a few moments).
  2. Press and hold Power, Volume Down and Home buttons at the same time.
  3. Keep pressing these buttons until download mode is being displayed – the android logo with an exclamation mark.
  4. Now, just connect your Galaxy A3 with your computer as you can safely use Odin for flashing the update you want.

Use a dedicated app

  1. From your phone tap on the Google Play icon.
  2. From the market download the Quick Boot software.
  3. Install and launch the tool.
  4. Follow on screen prompts and complete the reboot sequence.

Use Android SDK and ADB commands

  1. You have to use a computer, on which Android SDK must be installed.
  2. Learn how to install Android SDK on Windows or how to set up ADB on MAC OS X / Linux.
  3. Access the folder where you have installed Android SDK and open a command prompt window (press and hold Shift keyboard key while right clicking on any blank space).
  4. Establish a connection between your Galaxy A3 and your computer.
  5. On the cmd window type “adb reboot download”.
  6. Wait while your Android device reboots into download mode.

Good job; now you know how to safely put your Samsung Galaxy A3 in download mode. Do share your experience with us and with other users that might want to use this guide – use the comments field from below in that matter.

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