Do you have to update your Galaxy S6 Edge manually, through Odin? If you do, then you might already know that first download mode must be reached on your device. So, if you want to learn what’s with this environment, how to enter it and also why and how to use it, don’t hesitate and check the guidelines from this tutorial – all the details needed along with three different reboot methods will be resumed below.

Why download mode and why when using Odin? Well, the download mode represents an in built feature that comes pre installed on any Samsung branded device – on other handsets we have bootloader or fastboot mode, though basically we are talking about the same time. This hidden and default environment is usually needed when an update is involved – whether we talk about official OTAs that must be flashed manually, or about a downgrade to stock operation. Basically, Odin can’t recognize your Galaxy S6 Edge unless your phone is entered into download mode – so, you need to complete this process first or else you won’t be able to properly use Odin for applying the update you want.

Due to same reasons, the download mode is used on maintenance types of operations too. For example, you will have to place your Galaxy S6 Edge into download mode if you will have to manually unbrick your Android device. Using Odin for dealing with such operations is a good troubleshoot solution as you can easily and safely address issues like boot loops, lags, bugs, force close, battery drain, heating problems, alerts, screen freeze and total blackouts.

Now, this download mode feature is pre loaded on the Android Lollipop system that runs on your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. That means you can anytime reach this feature without problems and without having to apply complex or risky operations. Therefore, rebooting download mode represents an official operation and you won’t risk anything while completing the steps from below – you will not void the warranty of your phone by applying this step by step guide.

Due to same reasons, the steps from below will work in almost any situation: on a rooted or locked device, on stock or custom recovery image, when stock Android OS or a custom ROM firmware is involved and so on. Thus, this is a general tutorial available by default for your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

But before heading towards the steps from below, take a look and complete the pre requisites which are being detailed during the following list of tasks.

  • Check the battery status on your Galaxy S6 Edge and if the power left is lower than 50%, plug in the charger.
  • Do note that if you skip the charging process, your handset might get turned off while you try to reach download mode – if that happens, you will risk in bricking your Android smartphone.
  • Backup your data before considering in applying a new update as you might end up in losing everything from the phone’s internal storage memory.
  • For properly making the backup operation, use backup and restore apps, or cloud storage platforms from Google Play and save everything that’s important for you, including contacts, call logs, text messages, EFS folder, market apps, internet settings, current ROM, images, videos or audio files.
  • For the third reboot process from below, a computer will be required; well you should temporarily deactivate antivirus security from your PC before doing anything else.
  • Also, for the last method, on your computer Android SDK must be installed; so learn how to apply Android SDK on Windows or how to set up ADB on MAC OS X / Linux.
  • Finally gain developer rights and enable USB debugging option on your S6 Edge if you are planning in reaching download mode through the last reboot solution from below – developer rights can be ensured by taping several times on built number, while USB debugging can be enabled from “menu – settings – developer options”.

How to Enter Download Mode on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Get into Download Mode by using the “Hardware” method

  1. Power off your device – complete a full shut down process by pressing on power button and selecting “power off” or by pressing and holding the same power key for a few moments.
  2. Then, wait a few seconds.
  3. Next, press and hold (simultaneously) the Power, Volume Down and Home buttons on your SGS 6 Edge.
  4. Keep pressing these keys until download mode is displayed.
  5. From that point you can safely connect your smartphone with your computer for resuming the update operation.

Download the Quick Boot App

Download Mode can also be entered in a more intuitive way. So, just tap on Google Play icon on your S6 Edge and search for the Quick Boot tool. Install the app on your phone and when ready launch the software. Just follow on screen prompts and wait while your device is automatically entered in download mode.

Use Android SDK

This method is recommended for the experienced Android users. First, ensure that on your computer Android SDK is installed and on your phone USB debugging option is enabled. Then, connect your smartphone with your computer via USB cable. Navigate towards the Android SDK folder and open a command prompt window by pressing and holding Shift keyboard key while right clicking on any blank space. In the end, in the cmd window type “adb reboot download” and wait while your Galaxy S6 Edge is rebooted automatically into download mode.

There you go; that’s how you can now put your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge in download mode. Well, that was all for now. Don’t forget to use the comments field from below in order to share how things worked for you.

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