Somehow related with the recovery mode menu, the download mode is another dedicated environment that can be accessed on the 2016 model of the Samsung Galaxy J5 in order to complete various basic Android operations. So, today we will be checking on how to reboot this mode on your device; three different methods will be detailed, so read all the lines from below before resuming the actual reboot sequence.

As mentioned, the download mode is partially similar with the recovery software. Both environments set a virtual link between you and your phone’s Android system and through both features you can complete maintenance and restoration procedures. But, unlike recovery where you could manage numerous tweaking procedures, the download mode is usually required only on update / downgrade type of operations.

So, as the first conclusion: you need to enter download mode if you want to manually update or downgrade your Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 with an official / stock Android firmware. Therefore, this environment goes along with Odin, a dedicated software that is also used on the update procedures. Anyway, the download mode is also hidden by default just like the recovery environment, so you need to follow certain reboot sequences in order to learn how to enter this mode on your device.

The download mode is featured by default on your 2016 Galaxy J5, just on any other Android powered smartphone or tablet – on other OEMs this environment can be named as fastboot or bootloader mode. So, reaching it can be done only in an official matter – no, you won’t risk anything while using the guidelines from below and no, you won’t lose your phone’s warranty.

This guide is also universal as it can be applied whether you choose to tweak your phone or not. So, you can enter the download mode in the same way even after gaining root access, flashing a custom recovery image, updating with a custom ROM, installing custom kernels, unlocking the bootloader and so on.

Now, as pointed out, the download environment is required on update or on downgrade operations. These two processes can turn out to be a real life saver: if you choose to manually update your phone to official Android OS you can skip the OTA wait (usually OTAs are offered gradually / in phases or in limited markets only); if you make a downgrade back to stock Android firmware you can manually address software related issues such as boot loops, lags, bugs, force close errors, screen freeze, battery drain, heating problems or total blackouts.

So, download mode can be used as a troubleshoot solution – you can choose to manually unbrick your Galaxy J5 without taking your phone back to service, which is great especially if you can’t reclaim the warranty no more.

Since you are going to complete an update if you want to learn how to put your 2016 Samsung Galaxy J5 into download mode, first of all you must backup your data – else, you will probably end up in losing everything (the update will be applied manually, and not by using the OTA release – that’s why your data might get corrupted or wiped out during the process). For ensuring a proper backup you can sync your data with your account, you can download dedicated apps from Google Play or you can use other cloud storage platforms. Either way you shouldn’t hesitate from saving your contacts, call logs, texts, images, videos, audio files, market apps, internet settings, the EFS folder, calendar info, saved passwords or the IMEI / NVRAM data.

Don’t forget to charge your J5 before going to download mode – you can brick your device if it gets turned off in the middle of the reboot sequence. Thus, if the power left is currently under the 50% threshold, don’t hesitate and plug in the charger before doing anything else.

How to Enter Download Mode on Samsung Galaxy J5 2016

Use the Hardware Keys

  1. The easiest way in which you can enter download mode is by using a combination of your phone’s hardware keys.
  2. But, first you must turn off your device: press the Power key and select “power off” or press and hold the power button for a few moments.
  3. Wait while the shut down operation is completed.
  4. Then press and hold (at the same time) the power, volume down and home buttons.
  5. Keep pressing these keys until the download mode is displayed on your Samsung Galaxy J5 2016.

Use a dedicated ADB command

Another way in which you can put your Android device into download mode is by executing an ADB command. This process is a little bit more complicated as a computer is also required. On this device you must install the Galaxy J5 USB drivers (you can do it through Samsung KIES) and the Android SDK utility: learn how to install Android SDK on Windows or how to set up ADB on MAC OS X / Linux. Furthermore, on your smartphone you must become a developer (tap several times on Built Number under “menu – settings – about phone”) and you must check the USB Debugging mode (this option is located at “menu – settings – developer options”). Other than that, just follow:

  1. Connect your device with your computer – plug in the USB cord for establishing the connection.
  2. On your computer navigate towards the Android SDK folder.
  3. Next, open a command prompt window.
  4. For the cmd window: press and hold the Shift keyboard key while right clicking on any blank space.
  5. In the cmd window type: adb reboot download.
  6. That’s it; your Galaxy J5 2016 will be automatically rebooted into download mode.

Download an App from Google Play

The last method implies in downloading a dedicated app from Google Play. Basically all you have to do is to access the Market from where you need to download the Quick Boot app. Wait while the software is installed and then run it on your phone. Follow on screen prompts and wait while the download mode is entered on your Samsung branded device.

Good job; now you should know how to enter download mode on your own Samsung Galaxy J5 2016. So, you can use Odin for completing a manual update or downgrade operation in order to return your phone back to stock – you can use this process for revoking root access, relocking the bootloader or for restoring the stock recovery image. Enjoy.

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