Regardless the update operation you have or want to perform on your new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 you will have to use the download mode environment. Reaching download mode is easy but only if you know how to complete a certain reboot sequence; otherwise you won’t be able to apply the desired update operations. Therefore, if you don’t know how to perform this basic Android operation, take a few minutes from your time and read all the guidelines from below. During this tutorial I am going to teach you everything that’s related with the download mode environment.

Of course, all the lines from this guide are compatible with the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Below you have three different methods explained through which you can easily enter the download mode on your device. Use any solution you prefer or try all the steps in order to learn how to smartly manage this basic operation.

The download environment is quite similar with the recovery system. Both are featured by default on the Android system and through both you can perform maintenance and restoration operations. Moreover, both are hidden by default as a built-in precaution measure – if you don’t know what you are doing you can end up in soft bricking your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 so use dedicated each time you want to modify or change anything.

Now, the download mode is also different than the recovery environment. Basically, through the download system you can only manage update operations on your Samsung branded device. Usually, you will have to enter the download mode if you will want to manually update or downgrade your Galaxy Note 7. In fact, Odin (which is the program through which the update operations will be initiated and completed) won’t recognize your smartphone if the download mode isn’t used. Thus, this system is an alternative mode which establish a virtual path between you, as the user, and your phone’s internal Android core.

As mentioned several times now, the download mode is the only way possible in which you can manually update or downgrade your Note 7 with the stock / official Android software. But, since during these update procedures your phone will be restored back to its initial state.

Therefore, such an operation can be used as a manual troubleshoot solution through which you can manually address various software related issues like boot loops, lags, bugs, force close errors, battery drain, heating issues, scree freeze, alerts, total blackouts and several other problems. Overall, by re-flashing the stock Android OS you can resolve malfunctions, stop unresponsive programs, remove malware, or uninstall inappropriate tools.

Putting your Galaxy Note 7 into download mode is an official oration supported by Samsung and also by Google. You won’t risk anything by completing this step by step guide – the warranty won’t be lost and you won’t have to use complex or risky tools in order to complete all the steps from down below.

Moreover, you can enter download mode on the Galaxy Note 7 regardless the custom operations that are applied on your phone. In other words, you can use this step by step guide even if your phone is rooted, locked, running on stock or on custom Android ROM, running on locked or on unlocked bootloader, installed with a custom recovery or with the stock recovery software and further more.

Another recommendation: backup your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 before making any update operation. In some situations your personal data, info, accounts and files might get corrupted or wiped out during the flashing process. Thus, if you have something important saved on your phone before doing anything else sync your data with your account, use Samsung’s own cloud storage apps or download dedicated backup and restore apps from Google Play. On your way make sure you also save system files such as the Internet settings, the EFS folder or the IMEI / NVRAM data.

Being partially manual procedures, going into download mode and updating using Odin are both power demanding operations. Thus, your phone should have at least 40% power left before you choose to go into download mode. If necessary, charge your Galaxy Note 7 before doing anything else. If you skip this process you can end up in experience certain problems so you can end up in bricking your phone.

How to Enter Download Mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Method 1

  1. Power off your Note 7 – also wait while the shut down operation is completed.
  2. Now press and also hold (at the same time) the Power, the Volume Down and the Home buttons.
  3. Keep pressing these keys until the download mode is displayed on your smartphone.
  4. When done you can connect your device with your computer as Odin will recognize your Galaxy Note 7.
  5. That’s it.

Method 2

If you are used with complex operations or if you have to complete a more risky procedure you should use a terminal in order to go to download mode. Here is what you have to follow:

  1. A computer is required along with your handset and with its USB cable.
  2. On your computer install the Galaxy Note 7 USB drivers; use Samsung KIES for getting the drivers.
  3. Moreover, on your computer install the Android SDK utility: install Android SDK on Windows or set up ADB on MAC OS X / Linux.
  4. On your computer access the Android SDK folder.
  5. Connect your phone with your computer via USB cable.
  6. From the Android SDK folder open a cmd window: press and hold the Shift keyboard key while right clicking on any blank space.
  7. In the cmd window type: “adb reboot download”.
  8. That’s it; the download mode will be displayed on your Galaxy Note 7.

Method 3

Another solution is to use a dedicated app from Google Play. Through this tool you can automatically reboot into download mode. However, root access must be ensured on your phone if you want to use this method. If your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is rooted, go to Google Play and download the Quick Boot tool. Run this software on your smartphone and use on screen indications in order to go into download mode.


If you have further questions or if you just want to share something with us, use the comments field from down below and we will try to assist you as soon as possible. Basically, that was all for now; you should be able to enter download mode on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 without problems.

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