If you want to use your HTC One properly you first have to learn how to perform some basic operations, like how to enter fastboot / bootloader / recovery mode, how to make a hard reset or how to manually flash an Android update. Each Android user should learn these procedures, as the same are often being required in order to achieve other goals. So, because of that during the following lines I will teach you how to easily enter fastboot mode on your HTC One.

Why you need to know how to enter fastboot mode, or bootloader mode (if you like it more)? Well, that’s easy: for booting your HTC One in recovery mode. Fastboot is offering an intuitive interface that can be used by those who want to have access to the internal system of the HTC One. Thus, from fastboot mode you can easily boot into recovery mode or you can choose to make a hard reset, or to perform other operations. Now, booting into fastboot mode for entering recovery mode on your HTC One is an easy thing to do, but only if you know exactly how to use the combination of power and volume up / down buttons.

As you can already tell, we will be using the classic method for entering fastboot or bootloader mode. You can choose instead to use a custom app, but for doing that root access will be required; anyway we are recommending this procedure as it is safer and also better. Now trough recovery mode you can perform several operations like updating with an official OS, or with a custom ROM if you are using a custom recovery image like CWM or TWRP recovery, clear cache, make Nandroid backups and so on.

Remember that this guide is compatible only with the HTC One. The steps from below will not work on another Android based smartphone or tablet. Also, the procedure explained here has been tested on the HTC One and worked, so you have nothing to worry about; the method is safe and official so you will not perform a risky operation that can brick or damage your Android device.

How to Enter Fastboot Mode on HTC One

  1. With your phone turned on (you can also turn off your device if you like by pressing on power button once; then select “turn off”) press and hold volume down and home buttons together.
  2. Keep pressing the mentioned keys until the screen goes black.
  3. At that point release only the power button but keep pressing the volume down key.
  4. Fastboot mode will be then displayed, so you can also release the volume down button.
  5. In fastboot mode use volume down / up buttons in order to scroll up or down towards the menu.
  6. You can go back to Android OS by choosing "reboot system now".

Good job; you have successfully entered fastboot mode on your HTC One, so now you can access recovery mode every time you need to. That was all for now, but stay close as further step by step guides compatible with your smartphone will be developed. Also, feel free and use the comments area from below for sharing your experience and problems with us.

Cynthia Stewart · 1 year ago

HTC M1 here, Google Play services keeps popping up an alert that a function has stopped, hit OK and it just cycles to another service, ie gmail, hit OK again, and it says Maps has stopped, hit OK, and it just goes on, and on, and on, forever. Trying to get to any menu is a tricky process of access a "real menu item" in between all of the alert messages. it is frustrating beyond belief, try to get it to allow me to use PC as a File Transfer, and the alert cancels that option before you can select it. I am trying to just delete all of the Google crap via the PC, but I can't get there from here. I now have it up in the menu to select "bootloader" or "download Mode", but I don't want either of those. I don't have a file to overwrite the ROM.. as bad as this phone is now, it is pure junk. and I think that I need to overwrite the ROM, but I can't get to File Transfer yet.

Your mom · 1 year ago

First off all your first step is wrong, so good job on that. You need to press and hold the on/off button and the volume down, not the home button.

Ola Çanaku · 2 years ago

Hello. I want to ask a question. How can I turn on my phone normaly and not to erase data, images, music or everything? I have to click boatloader or fastboot?

amir · 2 years ago

This is not for format my storage right?

Adam · 2 years ago

here is the thing. my phone is stuck in a loop of HTC screen, and it keeps booting and booting. and the best part is i think my volume button is not working. so any advices as to how i get out of this mess?!

?OppaiDaisuki69? · 2 years ago

Currently experiencing this did u get a fix?

Chipy Choupinette · 3 years ago

hello =) i just have a HTC one M8 and i forgot the drawing that my friend shown me. So i want to do a hard reset BUT i can't acess to fastboot mode ;/ when i have done what you say, the screen went black but nothing appears after...
i tried it turn on and off.
and when it is turn on, and i hold power bouton for a long time i have this message that appears :

To restart your telefone, hold down the power and volume up buttons for 10 seconds

but really i put my finguer very strongly on power + volume down. but it just restart everytime... help please ! i really need my phone to work...

Kavindu Wickramanayake · 3 years ago

First turn off the phone then do the same. I own a HTC M8. But I cant install OTA updates. Says it is a "Test Device" and comes with S-OFF.

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