Do you want to learn how to customize, optimize, backup or power up your HTC One XL? If you do, then you first have to learn some basic operations to complete on your Android device. And the first to begin with is learning how to enter fastboot or bootloader mode on your HTC One XL. Now, during the guidelines from below you will be able to learn more about this fastboot mode, how to boot into the same and also what you can do by using this hidden menu from your Android device, so don’t hesitate and read the following lines.

As already mentioned, the fastboot mode is a separate partition on your Android HTC One XL. This hidden menu offers great features and capabilities that can be applied by default by any Android user – the fastboot or bootloader mode is being featured on all the Android based smartphones and tablets out there. From fastboot mode you can enter HTC One XL recovery mode, you can backup your data, you can flash a new update, you can customize and optimize the Android OS and you can change default settings in order to gain more power.

As you can see, entering and using HTC One XL fastboot / bootloader mode is recommended only for advanced Android users, as if you don’t know what you are doing, you can even end up in bricking your device. Anyway, before applying anything else just check compatible tutorials and everything will be fine – for example the fastboot mode can also be used for fixing a bricked HTC One XL which means that you might have to learn how to manage the bootloader environment at some point especially if you are applying operations like gaining root access, flashing a custom ROM firmware, installing a custom recovery image, removing bloatware, overclocking the CPU and so on.

Also, before making any changes on your phone the best will be to backup your data as you never know what might happen. Thus, at least take care of your personal data, info and accounts, along with your contacts list, call logs, market apps and everything else you might need afterwards.

Now, entering and using fastboot mode represents an official operation, so you have nothing to worry about – the warranty of your phone will not get voided by completing the steps from below. Also, do note that the following guidelines are being compatible only with the HTC One XL. Therefore, don’t use this step by step guide in case you have a similar or different Android device as you can damage your beloved handset.

How to Enter Fastboot Mode on HTC One XL

  • First of all you will have to power off your phone.
  • In order to do so just press power button once and select “power off”, or keep pressing the power key for about 15 seconds.
  • Then, reboot your One XL by pressing on Power and Volume Down keys at the same time.
  • Release the power button by keep pressing the Volume Down key.
  • Now, press Power button once more and voila, you are now on fastboot / bootloader mode.

Good; so now you know how to enter fastboot mode on HTC One XL. Remember that you can damage your phone in case you are messing thing up, so be careful when using the bootloader options. Do use the comments filed from below in case you have questions or if you need help in any matter.

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