LG G Pro 2 is a great Android based device, so probably you will be tempted in tweaking your smartphone’s performances. Even though the G Pro 2 comes with high end specs and features, we all know that when talking about the Android system it is all about customization and optimization procedures. But, in order to do so, first you have to learn how to perform the basic operations, which includes booting into recovery mode, entering download mode or making a hard reset. Now, here on Android.gs you will be able to use dedicated tutorials for learning how to apply the mentioned operations and many other procedures on your LG G Pro 2.

Learning how to boot the LG G Pro 2 in download mode is easy, but you won’t be able to do it unless you know how to properly use the steps from below. Because of that a dedicated step by step guide is being required, thus the following guidelines will be more than helpful for you. Why do we need to know how to enter the LG G Pro 2 download mode? Well, that’s easy; download mode is mostly needed when trying to update our Android smartphone with an official Android OS in a manual matter – not via OTA (over the air).

Of course, the download mode might be required when dealing with other operations too, so if you really want to learn how to properly use your LG G Pro 2, then booting and using download mode is a must have. Now, along with download mode you need to know how to enter recovery mode and also how to make a hard reset – these operations will be detailed during our upcoming tutorials, so stay close. Usually, these procedures are being used when trying to fix your bricked Android LG G Pro 2. Thus when having problems with your phone, first you need to apply the up mentioned procedures for applying various solutions (a how to unbrick your G Pro 2 tutorial will be soon developed by our team).

As you will see, for entering download mode on your G Pro 2 you won’t have to use any custom or risky app. The operation is official so root access isn’t required. Basically, for this guide you need to use the volume up / down and power buttons of your phone along with its USB cable and a computer, where the smartphone drivers must be installed. Good; now you know almost everything about the download mode, so let’s get started.

How to Enter LG G Pro 2 Download Mode

  1. First off all you need to turn off or power off your smartphone.
  2. If you can’t manage to turn off your LG G Pro 2, just press the power button for about 15 seconds.
  3. Now, from your device, after powering it off, press the volume up button.
  4. Keep pressing the Volume up button and while doing the same connect the USB cable on your device.
  5. Also plug in the USB cord on your computer.
  6. Keep pressing Volume Up until download mode is being displayed on your device.
  7. The drivers will be installed automatically.
  8. For entering Android OS, you need to press power button until the LG logo appears; then you can safely unplug the USB cord.

That was all for now, meaning that you have learned how to safely enter your LG G Pro 2 download mode. Now you can manually update your Android smartphone with an official Android OS and you can also perform many other processes. Stay close as we will bring further compatible tutorials for your phone and use the comments area from below for sharing your experience with us and with our readers.

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