The download mode, or bootloader mode on Motorola Moto X can be booted with ease and without using custom apps that requires root access in order to run properly. Furthermore, entering download / bootloader mode on Moto X is safe and also easy as you only have to use your phone’s power, volume up and down buttons. But for the proper method, don’t hesitate and check the guidelines which are being explained and detailed during the lines from below.

Bootloader mode, also known as download mode represents a system mode that can be entered on any Android device. Why do you need to learn how to use this mode? Well, basically by using bootloader or download mode on your Moto X you can downgrade, or restore your Android device to stock Android OS. Moreover, you can manually update your Motorola Moto X with an official release of Android firmware, thus in many cases knowing how to enter download mode is a must have.

Because of that I have decided to help you out by developing this dedicated step by step guide. Now, you should know that download mode is usually used on Samsung branded devices, while fastboot and bootloader are terms used on Nexus, Motorola and so on. Anyway, the differences aren’t important as the result is basically the same.

Also, besides from learning on how to enter bootloader mode on Moto X, you might also need to find out how to manage other similar stuffs on your Android device; in that matter you can use our previous guides, such as: entering recovery mode, making a hard reset or unbricking your Motorola Moto X, so don’t hesitate and check out the mentioned tutorials in order to learn how to properly use your Android device.

It is important to know that the method described here has been tested on the Moto X. Thus the steps from below will work only for the mentioned handset, which means that you shouldn’t try the same in case you own a similar or different smartphone or tablet.

How to Enter Moto X Download Mode

  1. You need to turn off your phone (press power key and select “power off”); also you need to ensure that you can use a computer and your phone’s USB cord.
  2. On the computer you should also install the Moto X drivers.
  3. On your phone press and hold the volume down key and while doing so also press power button.
  4. While pressing the mentioned buttons, plug in the USB cable.
  5. Connect your device with your computer.
  6. Your Moto X should now enter bootloader mode.
  7. Done.

Good job; you now know how to easily enter bootloader / download mode on your Motorola Moto X, so you can safely update your phone to stock / official Android firmware. Stay close as further tutorials will be posted; also use the comments field from below if you have questions or if you want to talk with our team and with our readers.

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