Entering recovery mode on your Motorola Moto X might be required in different situations, though mostly users are performing this operation when trying to factory reset their Android device. So, if you’re Moto X isn’t running properly, if you can’t manage to fix your “bricked” Moto X, then you need to try and factory reset your smartphone. And as I have already pointed out, in order to do so, you need to enter recovery mode on your Moto X. Now, if you don’t know how to do that, then don’t worry and read the guidelines from below.

When using an Android device you are tempted in performing different operations; now most of these procedures aren’t official and by applying the same you can damage the system of your phone or tablet. The same can happen with your Moto X, so because of that you should anytime know how to make a factory reset. Of course this implies in knowing how to enter recovery mode on your Motorola Moto X, so because of that I have developed this dedicated step by step guide, in which I will teach you how to easily reboot your Android device in recovery mode, without using custom or complex apps or procedures.

Do note that I am not talking about a custom recovery image, but about the stock recovery mode. For rebooting your Android smartphone into custom recovery image you should use this dedicated tutorial (the same will work on both rooted and locked handsets). Now, since I have mentioned the root operation, you should know that gaining root access is the first custom procedure that is applied on the Android system. While gaining root access comes with great advantages, if you don’t know how to properly apply the unlock operation you can end up in bricking your Moto X. Again, in that case you will probably need to do a factory reset – learn how to factory reset your device by using this guide.

Now by using this tutorial I will show you how to easily enter stock recovery mode on your Moto X. Don’t worry, the process can be easily applied even by a newbie and it’s 100% safe.

Remember that the steps from below have been tested only on the Motorola Moto X, so the same are definitely compatible with the mentioned Android smartphone; on the other hand, if you have a different Android device, then the best will be to search for another tutorial, a guide that is developed for your smartphone or tablet – you can use our how to section in that matter.

How to Enter Moto X Recovery Mode With ease

  1. The first thing to do is to power off your Moto X; in order to do that just press on the power button and select “power off”.
  2. Wait a few seconds before heading to the next step.
  3. Now press the power, volume down and home buttons all at the same time for about 3, or 4 seconds; then release the buttons.
  4. Good, now the boot menu screen will be displayed on your Moto X.
  5. Now, here you can scroll down by using the Volume down button (by pressing Volume up you will select your option).
  6. So, scroll down on “recovery” and select by pressing on volume up.
  7. An “injured” android logo will be displayed on your device.
  8. From there press Volume up and Volume down buttons at the same time for about five seconds and then press power button once.
  9. Now the recovery mode menu will be displayed on Moto X.
  10. You can return to Android OS by selecting "reboot system now".

Congratulations; you have successfully entered recovery mode on your Motorola Moto X. Therefore, now you can safely perform other tasks on your device, including installing an official OTA update, making a wipe or clearing the cache. In order to learn how to apply all these operations, stay close and check our dedicated step by step tutorials.

Jason Wong · 4 years ago

There is no pysical home button on the moto x you idiot.

Phill · 4 years ago

This is digital advice-churnalism done poorly. It appears to be using a simple android template for the hard reset process. The mistake is mentioning the home button at all and everything else works. This article was one of so many, they haven't the time to go back, fix and admit their mistake.

All it takes is a "Sorry everyone, the writer did a copy and paste exercise rather than produce a bonafide guide, apologies"

Krrang · 4 years ago

on last stage on newer Android is - Hold power for 2-3 seconds and tap volume up

Liz Arden (Miz Gekko) · 5 years ago

Here are the correct steps:

1. Power down the Moto X (press and hold the power button, then release and choose "Power Off", then tap "OK".

2. Wait a few seconds while it goes through its powerdown cycle

3. Hold down the Volume Down, then press and hold the power button at the same time. Hold for a count of four, then release.

4. The boot menu screen will be displayed. To navigate this screen, simply remember that the volume down button will move you through the menu choices, and the volume up will act as a "select" button.

5. Press the volume down button until the "Recovery" menu item is highlighted, then press the volume up to select "Recovery"

6. After a short wait, an android icon that looks injured, laying on its back will be displayed.

7. Press and hold the volume up button. Then press and release the power button while holding down the volume up button.

8. This will display the recovery mode menu. Here, the volume up and down functions to move up and down in the menu, while the power button acts as the select.

9. Use either volume down or volume up to move through the menu until you reach "Clear Cache". Use the power button to select that.

10. Wait while the system cache is cleared. This will take a while. Do not muck about with your device while this is taking place. Be patient.

11. When it is complete, your phone will reboot itself.

Jim · 5 years ago

It is actually that you hold down the power button once you see the downed android then press and release the Up Volume button to access the wipe cache option.

Raju Rastogi · 4 years ago

You my friend are the real MVP

SkyFox95 · 5 years ago

Horrible tutorial and it is wrong.

Racine · 5 years ago

Exactly Right OG and Cami. This is a useless waste of time and lots of other copycats are spreading the same useless info. I wonder if the process is described in our user's manuals?

OG · 5 years ago

And where exactly is the home button located on a moto x powered off?

Cami007 · 5 years ago

There is no physical home botton on thr moto x, this guy didn't do his homework.

Ethan Bradley · 4 years ago

Just hold the place where it would be. It works for some reason.

Nkansah Rexford · 3 years ago

What reason then? Hahahahaha

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