Do you need to enter recovery mode on the HTC One Max but you can’t manage to do so? If you need a dedicated tutorial or if you want to check more methods that can be applied for booting into recovery mode on the HTC One Max, then this step by step guide will be more than helpful for you. So, read the guidelines from below, learn everything related to this operation and also choose which method to apply when entering HTC One Max recovery mode is being required.

The recovery mode represents a separate bootable partition that is featured on all the Android devices. Now, each Android smartphone and tablet is being released along with a stock recovery image, which is limited to several operations. Basically the recovery mode represents a link between the user and the phone’s internal system. So, for example by using the stock recovery of your HTC One Max you will be able to make operations like: applying an official Android update, making a backup, making a hard reset, or clearing cache. Of course, if you will want more control and extended access, then you will have to install a custom recovery image such a CWM or TWRP recovery.

With a custom recovery image you can easily apply custom ROM firmwares, flash custom kernels, remove bloatware, customize and optimize your HTC One Max and lot more. The best is that both custom and stock recovery modes can be entered in the same way and by using the same methods, which are being described during the guidelines from below. Now as you can see, learning how to enter and use the recovery mode is essential when having an Android smartphone. This is the first step to make when trying to tweak your HTC One Max, or when trying to gain root access, or customize and optimize the looks and also the performances.

Recovery mode can be easily reached and you have several possibilities to use in order to achieve the same. The first two procedures explained in this guide are official ones and can be applied for both locked and rooted devices, while the last method is compatible only with rooted One Max smartphones. So, choose the operation that you prefer the most – if you are using your Android smartphone for the first time we are recommending you the first method as it is the easiest one.

Do note that the steps from below are compatible only with the HTC One Max. So, don’t use this step by step guide for learning how to enter recovery mode if you own a similar or different Android device as you will only end up in messing things up.

How to Enter Recovery Mode on HTC One Max

Enter HTC One Max recovery mode using hardware buttons

  1. First of all, disable fastboot option on your device; in order to do so, go to “settings – battery – uncheck the fastboot option”.
  2. Then turn off your phone – press power button and select “power of”, or press and hold power button for about 15 seconds.
  3. Wait a few seconds before heading to the next step.
  4. Now, press volume down button; keep pressing volume down and press power button once and then release the power key – don’t release the volume down key though.
  5. The bootloader mode will be displayed.
  6. Scroll down in order to highlight recovery mode and press power button in order to select.

Enter HTC One Max recovery mode using ADB

  1. If you can’t manage to enter recovery mode by using the hardware buttons then use ADB in that matter – first ensure you can use a computer, where you have to install ADB: install Android SDK on Windows or set up ADB on MAC OS X / Linux.
  2. On your phone enable USB debugging option by heading to “menu – settings – developer options”.
  3. Also enable developer options: just go to your phone’s Settings - select About phone - Scroll to the bottom and tap on “Build number” seven times.
  4. Connect your One Max with your computer by using your phone’s USB cord.
  5. Go to the ADB folder and from there run the “Boot into Recovery Mode.bat” executable file.
  6. Or on the mentioned folder open a command prompt window and type “adb reboot recovery”.

Boot recovery mode by using a third party app

  • In order to apply this method root access is being required.
  • On your phone install the Quick Boot app from Google Play.
  • Open the tool, grant root access and select recovery.
  • That’s it, your device will restart in recovery mode.

Congratulations, you have learned how to easily enter recovery mode on your HTC One Max. Now, you can use the recovery mode menu in order to perform the operation you want. Don’t hesitate and use our previous guides in order to learn how to hard reset your Android smartphone or how to unbrick the HTC One Max. Also, use the comments field from below if you want to talk with us or if you want to share your experience with our readers.

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