When you deal with software problems on your Motorola Moto G6 it’s important to apply the right troubleshooting solutions that can address these issues. Well, this tutorial will be showing you the first step to apply when general malfunctions are being experienced: entering and using the Android Safe Mode. So, read all the lines from below and follow the guidelines explained in order to learn how to complete this task and fix the most common Android soft-related problems that might be caused on your Moto G6.

Safe mode is a special environment in which you can reboot your Moto G6 anytime problems are messing with your daily Android experience. This environment is similar with the safe mode that you can use on Windows based computers as it will do the exact same thing: in safe mode all third party apps, processes and tools are disabled by default. Thus, once booted in safe mode your G6 will run only on essential Android processes without loading any other tools or programs.

So, this environment can help you isolate general issues. It can also help you identify the problems and the reasons why malfunctions are happening. From safe mode you can also remove certain issues or plan other dedicated troubleshooting solutions. Basically, by entering this mode you can figure it out whether it is about a software or hardware related problems; or whether the issues is caused by a third party process or by the Android OS itself.

Now, from safe mode you will be able to stop unresponsive programs, to remove malicious apps, to delete malware or to wipe inappropriate tools. Thus, in the end you can get rid of general malfunctions including boot loops, lags, hangs, screen freeze, battery drain, heating issues, signal strength problems, total blackouts and similar other glitches.

Do note that most of these problems are usually caused by third party apps and processes. So, be careful when downloading new tools or when applying tweaks on your Motorola Moto G6. Always use already tested software and always complete a full backup before deciding to change something within the Android core system.

A backup should be also completed before going into safe mode. Do save your personal data as a precaution measure as we all know how frustrating is to lose something that’s important for us. So, on your Moto G6 use built-in cloud storage platforms, download backup and restore apps from Google Play or sync files with your Google Account before doing anything else. Keep in mind that a Nandroid backup can help you secure the Android firmware that currently runs on your smartphone.

Entering safe mode can be done without using complex programs or risky tools. This mode is pre-loaded on your Moto G6 so you shouldn’t have any issues while trying to complete the steps explained below. Moreover, you can use this tutorial in the same way even if your device was tweaked – the guidelines explained here are compatible with both stock and custom Android ROMs, with rooted and locked systems, with locked and unlocked bootloaders or with stock or custom recovery images.

As always, you have to ensure enough power on your device before starting the reboot process detailed below. In our case it’s recommended to charge your Moto G6 before trying to go to Android safe mode, if the power left is currently lower than 40%. If you skip the charging operation your phone might get turned off right while you try to apply the troubleshooting steps and if that happens further problems can be experienced.

How to Enter Safe Mode on Motorola Moto G6

  1. Your device must be turned on.
  2. Press the Power key once – just until the Boot menu is displayed on your Motorola Moto G6.
  3. Next, tap on Power off until the ‘restart in safe mode’ message appears.
  4. Tap on OK and just wait while the new reboot is initiated and completed.
  5. That should be all; safe mode should be now entered on your smartphone.
  6. If, in safe mode, everything runs without issues it means that the problems were caused by a third party app.
  7. However, if the problems persist you might have to apply further troubleshooting solutions which might include: applying a hard reset on your Moto G6, clearing app data cache or reinstalling the stock Android firmware.

Good job; now you know how to successfully enter safe mode on Motorola Moto G6. Thus, you now know which the first step that must be applied when software related issues are experienced on your device is. Of course, don’t forget to share your troubleshooting experience with us and with other users who might use some extra help – you can easily and quickly get in touch with us by using the comments field from below.

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