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Facebook Starts Suggesting New Users To Enter Name As Per Aadhar Card in India

Facebook Aadhar India

Facebook wants to peek into our personal lives, so much so, that the social media giant has now started suggesting its users in India to sign-up for a new account by entering the name on their Aadhar Card. For our global readers who are unaware of Aadhar Card, it is the Indian version of social security number that stores sensitive information about the holder.

First spotted by the folks at MySmartPrice, Facebook has started prompting users to enter name as mentioned on their Aadhar cards. Although not made mandatory, it is disturbing to see such option popping on a social media website.

As the report points, it is not visible to everyone who wants to sign up for a new account on Facebook. Neither does it pop up for users on Windows, MacOS, and Android. The suggestion only popped up when creating a new account using Safari browser on iOS devices. Interestingly, even on iOS devices, it does not show up on every attempt.

It looks like Facebook is currently testing it by showing it to select users. On a brighter side, keeping privacy issues aside, Aadhar card linking on Facebook could help in curbing fake profiles, trolls, and abuse. Also, Aadhaar and UIDAI Chairman, India, has once mentioned in his conference that Aadhar number could further be used to authenticate social media accounts so this could be Facebook’s first step towards making it standard.

In one of his statements regarding Aadhar, the UIDAI Chairman Nandan Nilekani said,“UID can be an easy way for verifying one’s Twitter and Facebook account. This implies that anyone (not just celebrities) will be able to get verified accounts, with their UID credentials. It can similarly be used for other online accounts where one needs to verify his/her identity.”

For now, it is hard to tell whether Facebook will include the suggestion permanently on the sign-up page. We will keep an eye on the development and report.