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How to Fix Bricked T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 SGH-T889

As there are many custom ROMs, some of these beta updates being malicious ones, available for the T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 you can easily note that you can no longer use your handset. Probably, if you have bricked the Note 2, you will notice that the device won’t boot up, meaning that it is now completely useless for you.

A solution for your problem is to go to T-Mobile, but since the warranty is void, you will have to spend a lot of money for fixing your phablet. That’s why, during the present step by step guide I will show you how to easily fix the bricked T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 2, model number SGH-T889.

For being able to do so, you will have to use Odin and flash the stock ROM on your Galaxy device. By installing the same the handset will be restored to its default state, meaning that you will reset the internal system and install the factory restrictions once more. So, you can use this tutorial if you want to restore the lost warranty on your Galaxy Note 2 as well.

Anyway, you must know that flashing a bad custom ROM on your tablet is not the only way in which you can end up in bricking your T-Mobile Note 2. For example the root operations or the unlocking the bootloader ones are usually complex tasks that can’t be completed by inexperienced users and you can already tell what the result will be.

But, if you do brick your Galaxy Note 2 SGH-T889, don’t worry, as we have the perfect solution for fixing the device. Actually, this method was first developed and tested by those of xda-developers, so we have them to thanks for this step by step guide. As stated, you need to use Odin or else you will not be able to flash the stock ROM and relock the bootloader and reset the phablet. Therefore, a Windows powered computer must be near you, as well as for the Note 2 USB cord.

Now, all you have to do is to follow and complete the steps from below. This is a complex operation and we shouldn’t be held responsible if the same won’t work for your Note. Remember that this tutorial is suitable only with the T-Mobile version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, so don’t apply it for fixing similar devices.

How to Fix Bricked T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 SGH-T889

  1. Download and install KIES Mini on your computer; the proper drivers will then be installed.
  2. If you want you can download and install the drivers from here.
  3. Download the stock firmware from here.
  4. Save all the files on your computer.
  5. Extract the update file so that you obtain a file such as “KIES_HOME_T889UVALJ1_T889TMBALJ1_260018_REV04_user_low_ship.tar.md5”.
  6. Download Odin.
  7. Install and then open Odin on your computer.
  8. Take your Note and then press and hold the Volume Down, Home and Power buttons together until the screen turns on; the download mode will now be reached.
  9. In download mode, connect the Note 2 with the computer by using its USB cord. Odin should be already running.
  10. Once you connect the device, on Odin you should see the “added” message displayed.
  11. If not, re-install the drivers on the PC and re-do the above mentioned steps.
  12. Now, back on Odin, click on the option named “PDA”.
  13. Pick the extracted update file from your computer.
  14. Don’t make any other changes on Odin, just ensure that the “Re-Partition” option is unchecked.
  15. Click on “Start” and wait for the process to end.
  16. In the end, on Odin the “pass” message will be displayed.
  17. Now, disconnect the handset from the PC and reboot.
  18. If the device is stuck on the booting animation, then reboot by pressing and holding the Home, Volume Up and Power buttons.
  19. The recovery mode will be entered.
  20. From the menu that will be displayed select “wipe data factory reset” and “wipe cache partition”.
  21. Then, select “+++go back+++” and “reboot system now”.
  22. That’s all, you can now reboot the Note 2 normally.

So, you are no finally fixed your bricked T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 2 model number SGH-T889. The stock ROM will now be running, meaning that you have relocked the bootloader and reinstalled the factory restrictions back to the internal system of your device. The warranty is now restored, so you have nothing to worry about. Do tell us how things worked for you, or if you had issues while trying to apply the above explained steps. You can share your thoughts with us and with other users by using the comments area from below.

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