Just like on any other Android-based device, the ability of sending an MMS is in fact a built-in feature. Well, the actual functionality is ensured thanks to your linked account and SIM card.

Shortly, you can send an MMS only if you can pay for the service. For example if you’re on prepaid, your SIM should have enough credits. Moreover, your account shouldn’t be blocked and your data service should run properly.

Anyway, there are a few workarounds to try when you cannot manage to send an MMS from your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. And I will describe these troubleshooting solutions during the following guidelines.

So, let’s check it all out.

How to Fix the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus that cannot send MMS

Method 1: force restart your phone

First, let’s reset the virtual memory and reload default apps on your smartphone. This might help you address minor software conflicts and other similar system glitches that might cause the MMS problems.

So, follow:

  1. Hold down the Volume Down button.
  2. Keep holding down that key and while doing that start pressing and holding the Power button too.
  3. With both buttons pressed wait for about 10 or 15 seconds.
  4. The reboot operation will be completed.
  5. That’s all.

Method 2: make sure Flight Mode isn’t enabled

If Flight Mode is enabled you cannot send text messages, SMS or MMS. Also, you cannot use your data service when the Flight Mode is active.

Thus, just check to see if this mode is enabled or not – maybe you forgot to turn it off. Usually a plane icon just near the signal indicator shows whether the Flight Mode is active or not.

You can disable it from the Notification panel by the way.

Method 3: go to a place where you have good reception

As already outlined, you can send an MMS from your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus only if the signal received is strong enough. So, before doing anything else you should try to find a better place where the signal is stronger.

Of course, if the reception is good, then you will have to proceed to the next troubleshooting solutions.

Method 4: Reset network settings

  1. On your phone open Apps tray.
  2. From that screen go to Settings.
  3. And navigate towards General Management.
  4. There, tap on Reset and choose Reset settings.
  5. If a PIN is required enter it.
  6. Tap on Reset Settings again to confirm.
  7. Reboot your smartphone in the end.

Method 5: contact tech support

If you still cannot send an MMS from your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, you should contact your network provider or your tech support. You might receive help for setting up APN settings, if that’s the source of your problem. Either way, the tech guy should be able to tell you what you should do next in order to fix this malfunction on your phone.


There you have it. The solutions explained above should help you identify the reasons why you cannot send an MMS from your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. Hopefully you have managed to fix the malfunction by now.

Do tell us what worked for you and stay close for useful Android related tips and tricks available for your Samsung branded device. Enjoy.

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