The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is a powerful Android-based device that should run smoothly all the time. So, a phone that keeps rebooting by itself is not a normal behavior. Anyway, we’re here to help you fix your smartphone and address the random reboot issue right away.

As mentioned, your S10 Plus should ensure a stable and a smooth Android functionality all the time. But, remember the Android system is an open source platform pre-loaded with bloatware and with various additional processes and features. Moreover, daily you add new apps from Google Play in order to customize the built-in UI.

Well, the more you add the more you change the default Android state. Thus, the Galaxy S10 Plus that keeps rebooting is most likely a behavior caused by a software glitch. It can be a software mismatch, a software conflict or something wrong with the actual firmware. Bottom line, since we’re discussing about software related problems, the random reboot can be easily solved. And in that respect you can follow the troubleshooting steps explained below.

How to fix the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus that keeps rebooting by itself

Use your phone in safe mode

If there’s an app that’s causing this malfunction, then you can identify the issue once you boot your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus in Safe Mode. As you might know, in safe mode all the third party apps and features will be disabled by default.

Shortly, if the random reboot isn’t occurring in safe mode it will mean that there is a third party software that’s interfering with the normal Android functionality. Thus, in that case you will have to look through the recently installed apps and uninstall the tools that you can’t trust.

Your Samsung branded device can be easily entered in safe mode. We have a dedicated tutorial prepared for you in that regard and you can access it here.

Complete a hard reset

If you cannot solve the Galaxy S10 Plus that keeps rebooting behavior by uninstalling recently installed apps, then you should choose to make a hard reset. In this way you can partially restore your phone back to factory state.

In a few words, the hard reset will delete everything that wasn’t there from day one. In the end, you will be left only with pre-loaded apps and features. Now, among third party apps the process will also delete your personal data, info, accounts and files.

Therefore, you should make a backup before doing anything else. Only in that way you can protect your contacts, call logs, texts, images, videos, audio files, market apps, internet settings, calendar info, saved passwords, IMEI / NVRAM data, EFS folder and so on.

Anyway, when you’re ready use our dedicated step by step guide and learn how to hard reset the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.

Reinstall the Android firmware

If after following the troubleshooting steps from above your phone is still rebooting by itself you have to reinstall the Android firmware. In this way you will remove any software malfunction and refresh the Android internal system.

For being able to reinstall the Android OS you first have to download the compatible firmware package for your Galaxy S10 Plus. You also have to use a computer, where you need to install Odin. Afterwards, run Odin on your PC, put your phone in download mode, connect your handset with your computer and follow Odin on-screen prompts for resuming the flashing process.

You can access a detailed update tutorial here.

Hopefully, in the end your phone will once more run without any further random rebooting situations.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, you have succeeded to fix the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus that keeps rebooting problem. If not, maybe you should take your phone back to store, as there might be a hardware issue involved. Don’t worry, the warranty will cover this process, but let’s hope it won’t be necessary. Share your own experience with us and with our readers by using the comments field from below.

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