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Flash Note 7 Android Marshmallow ROM for Samsung Galaxy S5 Snapdragon Models

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Snapdragon variants can be upgraded with a new custom ROM that’s ported straight from the new Galaxy Note 7 device. Check the info listed in this post in order to learn how to successfully flash this new ROM on your device.

This port is named Norma v2.5 Note7 and it uses the Galaxy Note 7 Grace UX with Android 6.0.1 N9300ZCU1APGJ stock OS. The ROM is rooted, deodexed, busyboxed, zipaligned and deknoxed. It also uses the Touchwiz Grace UX 6.0.1 and it supports multiple languages.

In this Note7 Marshmallow UX 6.0.1 port you will find that almost everything works as intended: fully functional Galaxy N7 Edge features, Note 5 Camera, tweaked faster internet, wifi, bluetooth, change DPI, clock UX, Video UX, Voice Recoder UX, Theme Store UX, Dialer and Contact UX, Weather UX, Email UX, Smart Manager UX, and more.

The only known bug is the “fingerprint not working”. Before starting the installation of this new Note 7 Marshmallow ROM port for the Galaxy S5 you need to check the info below:

  • use this tutorial only for the Samsung Galaxy S5 Snapdragon variants.
    – don’t try to flash this ROM on the Exynos-based Galaxy S5 models.
    – also, the G900H and S5 LTE-A models are not supported by this post.
  • your phone has to be rooted and it should run TWRP Recovery 3.0 version.
    – if your custom TWRP Recovery isn’t updated to at least 3.0 build, then you should upgrade it before starting the installation process.
  • in the tutorial part of this post you can find two extra preparation steps: NANDROID Backup for the ROM that’s already installed, and the Factory Reset one.
    – the NANDROID Backup creates a full restore point for your device, one that you can use in case the new Note7 Port ROM doesn’t boot in normal mode after installation is done.
    – the Factory Reset has to be applied in order to remove the old custom ROM and force your device to boot in normal mode.
    – Factory Reset wipes clean the system partition, but it won’t delete any files from your device’s internal storage.
  • if you want to backup data from installed applications you need to use the Helium app for Android.
    – you can backup other important files just to be on the safe side of things.
  • check the whole post and do not skip any steps.
  • this tutorial should be applied by advanced users only.
    – we cannot be blamed in case you end up bricking your device, nor in case you lose any important data in the process.
  • check the S5 battery charge level, and make sure that there is at least 50% charge left before the device powers off completely.

These were all guidelines you had to check before getting to the installation part of this post.

How to flash Norma v2.5 Note 7 Marshmallow Port for Galaxy S5 Snapdragon variants:

Remember that the guide works only for Galaxy S5 Snapdragon-based versions. G900H and S5 LTE-a models are 100% not supported, so do not attempt to install this custom ROM on these devices.

Now that you know all that you can start the installation:

  1. Download the Norma v2 Stable ROM from here.
    – save the file on your PC and do not unzip the file.
  2. Now you should copy the downloaded zip file to your phone’s internal / external storage.
  3. Power off the phone.
  4. Boot it in Custom TWRP Recovery Mode.
    – make sure that the TWRP Recovery is upgraded to its latest version.
  5. First you need to create the NANDROID Backup for the ROM that’s already installed on your device:
    – in TWRP select ‘Backup’ option.
    – select the files you wish to save and confirm the backup process.
  6. Next, Factory Reset your device:
    – select ‘wipe’ option, then select all system files to be removed and confirm process.
  7. Start the installation: click Install, locate the load the Norma v2 Stable zip file.
  8. Confirm installation process.
    – don’t press any buttons until all the new firmware files are done installing.
  9. When the install is done you can reboot your phone in normal mode.
    – note that the first boot process of this new firmware is going to take at least 20 minutes to load.
  10. Use your default login data in order to regain control over your device.

After you install the ROM, and the Galaxy S5 Snapdragon device boots successfully in normal mode, you can install the Norma 2.5 Note7 Marshmallow Port Update file. Download the file from here, move it to your phone’s internal sdcard, then install it using the info at step 7.

For more info on this custom ROM release you can check the Developer’s XDA post here.

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