Is your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus running slow? If your smartphone isn’t running as fast as it used to, there’s a problem. You have a high-end Android based phone which must ensure a stable and smooth experience all the time, regardless of the apps you choose to install and initiate on a daily basis.

So, if you feel that your Galaxy S10 Plus is starting to have slow performance, you need to take action. That’s why I’m here for you – I will show and describe the best troubleshooting solutions to try when your device isn’t as reliable as it used to be.

As a general idea, the Galaxy S10 Plus will start to slow down and become sluggish when a firmware problem is affecting the overall Android ecosystem. Thus, there’s nothing that cannot be repaired from that perspective. And the tutorial explained below will guide you through appropriate troubleshooting methods.

Therefore, let’s see what you need to do in order to fix your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus with slow performance.

Fix Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Slow Performance behavior

Close the apps that are running in the background

First of all, let’s make sure that the problem isn’t caused by the apps which are still running in the background. This is a precaution measure but it is worth trying before getting into more complex troubleshooting solutions.

So, just tap the Recent key and choose the Close all option. When done, don’t just test the performance provided by your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. Before concluding anything, force restart your device in order to refresh its memory and reload the default apps and services. You can do it by following:

  1. Press and keep pressing the Volume Down button on your phone.
  2. While still holding down that key, press and hold the Power button too.
  3. Now keep these keys together for about 15 seconds until you notice the Galaxy S10+ logo displayed.
  4. That’s all.

Reboot Galaxy S10+ in Safe Mode

If a recently installed app is behind the Galaxy S10 Plus slow performance issue, then you should check how your phone behaves in safe mode.

As you know, in safe mode all third party apps and processes are disabled by default. So, shortly put, if in safe mode your smartphone runs without any kind of problems it will mean that the slow performance behavior is determined by one of your recently installed app. At least, then you will know what to do next: manually install the tools that you don’t need.

Anyway, just go into safe mode as instructed below:

  1. On your Galaxy S10 Plus press and hold the Power button in order to bring the Power Options screen.
  2. Now, tap and hold the Power Off option.
  3. After a few moments the Safe Mode icon will appear.
  4. Tap on it and wait while your device is being rebooted into safe mode.

Clear cache partition

If the troubleshooting solutions explained above aren’t helpful enough, go ahead and wipe cache partition on your Samsung Galaxy S10+. This will solve the slow performance issue if it’s being caused by a corrupted system cache.

So, first access recovery mode on your S10 Plus and then follow:

  1. In recovery use Volume rocker keys to navigate and Power button to select.
  2. From the recovery mode menu highlight ‘wipe cache partition’.
  3. Press Power to select.
  4. Confirm by selecting ‘yes’.
  5. In the end choose to reboot to Android mode again.

Hard Reset your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

The last method to apply refers to the master reset. If there’s a firmware problems that’s causing the slow performance behavior on your Galaxy S10+, then a hard reset will fix everything.

By the way, your personal data, info, accounts and files will get erased during this process. So, before doing anything else choose to backup what’s important for you.

After securing your files, access recovery mode on your device. And, finally follow:

  1. From recovery mode select ‘wipe data factory reset’ and confirm your decision.
  2. Afterwards, also choose ‘wipe cache partition’.
  3. Just before returning to Android mode go to ‘advanced’ and pick ‘wipe dalvik cache’.
  4. Now, go back to Android mode and see if everything is running as expected.


So, there you have it; that’s how you can fix the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus slow performance issue. You can also try to reinstall the stock Android OS on your phone via Odin, but I don’t think that it will be necessary.

Anyway, let us know what worked for you and stay close for further useful tutorials available for your Android devices. Enjoy.

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