Now that we are familiar with everything that we can possibly know about the Samsung Galaxy S4 from its processor to all the software features that it comes with, the only question remaining is when it's going to become available worldwide. Last year, when the company launched the Galaxy S3, the handset had a different release date depending on the region, with the Europeans getting it earlier while in the US it was launched a little bit later. Now, it seems that things look different and Samsung is planning a sort of simultaneous release.

In the UK and most of the European countries the Galaxy S4 will be available for purchase by the end of April, and it's the same case for the US market. Now we have good news for the people living in India, as well. Initially, we though that the Galaxy S4 will be released sometime at the beginning of May in India, but according to a new report it seems that the Indians will receive Samsung's latest flagship in the same period of time as the Europeans and the US customers.

So, according to IBN Live, the Indian market will receive the Samsung Galaxy S4 on April 25, when it will be unveiled at a press event. The Indian customers will be able to buy the smartphones from local stores two days later.

This is surely good news, but there is more where that came from as the Galaxy S4 will be sold for less money that previously rumored. It looks like the phones is going to have an MSRP (manufacturer's suggested retail price) of Rs 42,000, and it will be available in stores for less that Rs 40,000. Converted in American dollars, that's around $730, which is not that cheap. However, it's a decent price for the Galaxy S4 considering that the HTC One Price in India is around $784. Compared to the Sony Xperia Z, the S4 is a little bit more expensive as Sony's smartphone has a price of Rs 38,990 (around $712). At this price, we expect that the Galaxy S4 to be a best seller in India, like it will probably be in many countries.

The mentioned price is for the 16 GB version of course, and we don't quite know the price of the 32 and 64 GB models. Actually, we don't even know if the two variants will be even launched in India, but that's another story. Nevertheless, the 16 GB version has a microSD card slot, so the storage space won't be a big problem.

The Indian people should be also happy about the fact that, even though we don't know for sure, we expect the Galaxy S4 that will hit their country will be powered by the Exynos 5 Octa processor. Let's hope that the company will have enough units to ship because the demand will be pretty huge.

As for the rest of the technical specifications, I think there is no need to be mentioned as you probably are familiar with them, especially if you want to buy the Galaxy S4.



Tarun Trehan · 6 years ago

Launched and priced at Rs 41,500. To hit the stores tomorrow. Launch event details at

Thuy Gibson · 6 years ago

I REALLY want this phone but will wait bc it's too much for me to afford. Ughhh. And my contract with Verizon does not end till summer of 2014 :( Hopefully they will come out with the Galaxy S5, maybe ;)

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krish · 6 years ago

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