Every Android user's favorite email manager has received a brand new software update today and it adds tweaks, improvements and some bug fixes.

However, there is still a small new addition that finally brings support for Google Drive integration. Also, from now on you will get autocomplete contact suggestions when composing a new mail message for all the To, CC, Bcc fields after typing a single letter instead of two like it did up until this release.

With Gmail v4.9 installed on your Android device you will also get Google Drive integration. Also, when you're attaching a brand new Drive file to your e-email you will also be able to edit the sharing settings so that you could offer access to persons without it.

It seems like this update might be including a fix for contact issue bug that was found on all the previous versions.

After you update your Gmail app with the latest software version you will get the option to attach files straight from your Drive folders. If you can spot other visual changes added to this new release of Gmail, then feel free to tell us in comments and we will update the article.

Check your smartphone's or tablet's notification panel starting today in order to install the new software files right as these are sent in your region. As you know Google usually launches these updates in phases and not all Android users will get them at the same time.

If you're eager to install Gmail v4.9 on your Android device, then you download the APK file from here or here.

Download the Gmail v4.9 APK on your Android and then launch it. Confirm that you wish to install it and then wait until your phone or tablet takes care of the rest of the process. Test its new features and then tell us in comments if you can find other changes added by the Gmail team.

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