Even though the spring cleaning planned by the Mountain View-based giant lead to Reader shut down, rumor has it that the company is working on Google Babble, a service meant to unify more services that bring similar functionality.

According to several sources, Google Babble will reunite the company's messaging platforms into one service. Rumor has it that Google Babble will debut at Google I/O 2013 event, that will take place between May 15 - 17.

At the moment, Google has serious problems when it comes to maintaining more communication platforms that don't communicate with each other and don't allow the users to communicate with ease.

Google Talk is the main messaging service, designed as an alternative to the popular Skipe and Yahoo Messenger. Still, Google only developed native apps for Android and Widnwos, preferring to integrate its functions in the GMail web interface.

Google Voice is phone service that provides free PC to PC calls, and, only for US market, free calls from a PC to a landline phone.

Google Hangout allows its user to video chat, but you will need a Google Plus account for that, the social network developed by Google as a Facebook alternative. Google even included a Drive Chat option for its user that share files using Google Drive.

All the above mentioned services are working in parallel with no major differences between them and without allowing the user to efficiently interconnect them.

The new Google Babble service will be developed from scratch, but it will keep Google's approach when it comes to chats, video calls, or file sharing.

Just like the leaked screenshot above suggests, the users will be able to share files in the chat window in a similar way Google Plus Messenger works, they will be able to initiate a Hangout with any of their contacts, and the conversations will be available between all the existent services. Summing up, the same chat window will be available through all Google services, providing the same functions on all platforms.

For the time being, it's not sure when Google Babble will officially become available for the users, but we are expecting more details to be unveiled in May at Google I/O event.

Wesley Howard · 6 years ago

*Skype, not Skipe

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Windows* not Widnwos too ^ _ ^

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