Google I/O 2013 brought a series of improvements for most of the applications that are under the protective wing of the Mountain View-based giant. No it's time for Google Calendar to enjoy some attention and the new update that is now available in Google Play store will certainly please most of the users.

Google has decided that its Calendar application should receive a series of software improvements, most of them focusing on the user interface. Most of the users have complained that they can't use color to differentiate the appointments like they do on the web version of Google Calendar, but the latest update brings this feature allow you to customize event colors to spot them with ease. But there are more about the Google Calendar update besides the color customization option.

The new Google Calendar version comes with a new design for the menu that is used to add new events. The new interface is a lot more attractive and includes more options for the events that are set in the repeat mode.

Least, but not last, you can now set a certain event based on a certain time zone, which you will be able to choose from the new interface.

The latest version of Google Calendar is now available for download in Google Play Store, but if you already had it installed you should have received the update notification by now. Anyway, if for some reason you didn't receive Google Calendar update notification you can also try to update it manually. To do so you will have to access Google Play from your Android device hit the menu software/capacitive/physical button, click on My Apps then hit the Update button besides Google Calendar.

Have you update your Google Calendar application yet? Do you like the new interface and features? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

David Benjamin ยท 5 years ago

I am brand new to the smart phone Android world... just moved my calendar from desktop system - Calendar Creator - to Google calendar.. both desktop and Andriod... I must say.. I am thoroughly unimpressed with the (lack of) flexibility, appearance, printing, etc. I am currently looking for other options.

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