The Camera app from Google has been updated and it is rolling out right now in phases all over the world. Check the Google Play Store in order to see if there is a brand new update available for installation.

With this new update all the Android devices that are supporting Google Camera are getting a much better application that should greatly improve the way you take photos using your Android smartphone or tablet.

With Google Camera 2.3 version you will get full support for Remote Shutter for all devices running the Android Wear OS. For this feature to work you will simply need to launch the Camera app on your smartphone or tablet and Wear will then display a card automatically allows you to take a remote capture.

Click the card displayed by Wear and the app will then display a large camera shutter button on your smartwatch or or your any other Wear device you might be wearing on your wrist. Tap the shutter button on your Wear device and then its UI will show a three-second countdown until the photo is taken.

Other changes added by this update: a revamped panorama and Photo Sphere user interface. This change will add much better control over any panorama or photo sphere that you're trying to create. There is also a new 'help' feature that was added with this new update, access it and it allows you to learn more about all the features of Google Camera app.

In case the Google Camera 2.3 update hasn't arrived in your region just yet, then you can choose to download the APK file from here or here. Get the file on your smartphone or tablet and launch it, confirm the installation and that should be all. Before installing the APK on your smartphone or tablet it would  be best for you to go the app's Google Play Store web page and see if it is compatible with your device.

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