Now that the HTC One M8 has been released, rumors started flowing about a Google Nexus 6 based on it, which is actually possible, especially considering that HTC has build Nexus devices in the past.

We expect Google to release the Nexus 6 later this year and until now we thought it will be based on the LG G3, thought nothing is clear for the moment and we can't exclude any possibilities. Both the HTC One M8 and the upcoming LG G3 are definitely going to be great smartphones, but we think Google will be more concerned about the price, because they're known to keep the Nexus prices lower than their competition.

The last Google Nexus device built by HTC was the One, back in 2010 and Google has since worked with Samsung and LG. The Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 have been both built by LG and we thought that Google will continue working with them, as they've been by far their most successful smartphones, but a HTC One M8 based Nexus 6 doesn't seem like a bad idea at all.

We expect the Google Nexus 6 to come with a bigger display, probably around 5.5 inches, along with a quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor, 2GB of RAM, and 16GB/32GB of internal memory. Most likely they won't make it the most powerful smartphone on the market due to price considerations, but they also don't need to fight the other makers in specs. Google Nexus 5 is the fastest and most stable Android device we've tested and we have to say it doesn't really matter that it doesn't come with the latest processor or 3GB of RAM, because it simply doesn't need it.

The Nexus line will probably become more and more popular as people start switching from other brands due to bugs caused by the custom user interfaces and slow updates.

The Nexus 6's release date should be around October 2014, along with a new Android version. We don't have any details about it right now, so we can just rant, but we are confident that Google is going to do a great job with it, as they did with all Nexus smartphones.

In the meantime they should release the Nexus 8 tablet and we expect its release date to be in July.

Google Nexus 6 concept by Aleksandar Teši?.

Chazz Matthews · 5 years ago

The Nexus 5 did actually come with the latest processor when it was released Oct 31, 2013. Snapdragon 800.

John D. · 5 years ago

I would love the phone purely for its build quality and battery life, but I doubt HTC will manufacturer a phone at the low Nexus price :(

AS · 5 years ago

Source? What do you mean there isn't one? Surely you can't just be making things up?

Jared Banyard · 5 years ago

Yeah sounds great.. Just upgrade the camera and slap in an 810 snapdragon. Otherwise .. boring.

Charles · 5 years ago

I think basing this phone on the new HTC One would be a terrible mistake. I myself looked carefully at that phone and ruled it out due to (1) only a measly 4 MP camera (I don't care how "Ultra-Pixel" it is or claims of better low-light performance, at the expense of resolution); (2) they actually DROPPED the OIS function, which is critical to me (I don't care how great they might say their Digital Image Stabilization is, it can't be as good as optical); (3) the tear-down analysis that some technicians did revealed that they're impossible to repair without destroying its components.

Tom Kelsall · 5 years ago

1. Photography is about catching moments and emotion, not pixel counts.

2. OIS is critical to you, but that puts you in a clear minority. Most people want nice pictures, not a replacement for an expensive camera.

3. Who repairs their own phones? I don't know of ANYONE who does; and a faulty phone is repaired by the manufacturer under warranty for 2 years. A smashed one is covered by insurance.

Alex Dumitru · 5 years ago

Very well said !

MITM · 5 years ago

Tom with the flawless victory.

Sayersttu · 5 years ago

Here here!

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