The Google Stadia is a cloud gaming service offered by Google and it is said to support streaming of video games on 4K resolutions at 60 FPS, but this remains to be seen when the service gets launched later this year. Now Google has confirmed that the Stadia service will be available for smartphones, too.

Google has announced that the Google Pixel 3, Pixel 3a, Pixel 3a XL, and the Pixel 3 XL models will be the first four smartphones that will support the Stadia service at launch. So, if you are interested on gaming straight from your device, then you will need to buy a Pixel phone. Google Stadia should later be supported by other smartphone devices, but that remains to be announced when the service is released in November this year.

Those of you who are planning to buy a Pixel 4 device shouldn't worry too much, as Google will surely offer Stadia for you as soon as their new smartphone models will hit the market. At this moment if you wish to use Stadia on your device and be sure that it is supported right from the first day, then you will need a Pixel 3 model.

Google has also confirmed that you can create an account and manage it on any smartphone running Android M and later versions, as well as being able to do the same using an iPhone running iOS 11 and later editions. There should be more news about the Stadia game streaming availability when the service is released in November 2019.

If you don't own a gaming PC, but you own a laptop or an older computer capable of streaming video game content, then the Stadia service is a must if you don't want to spend over $1000 for a decent gaming build. Note that some games will not be playable from your smartphone, as you will most likely be able to play games with a small amount of keybinds. Tell us in comments what you think about the Google Stadia cloud streaming platform and if you're planning on testing it on your Google Pixel 3 and 3a models.

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