On Wednesday, Google’s head of Android and Chrome, Sundar Pichai announced that the Mountain View-based giant will host the I/O 2014 developer conference on June 25-26. In an attempt to find out whether we'll get to see the next Android iteration at I/O we got in touch with a person familiar with the matter who revealed for us that Google will not introduce Android 4.5 during the aforementioned event.

A Google Dublin employee said to us that his superiors have told him that Android 4.5 will be officially unveiled in July along with a new tablet, dubbed Nexus 8. He also confirmed for us that the I/O 2014 conference will focus on new services Google is planning to bring on the market.

Our source also mentioned that Google will no longer develop a 7-inch Nexus tablet, because of the heavy competition on the segment. Instead, they will try to focus on the 8-inch segment, where they will have to face a smaller number of competitors. At the moment, the most notable 8-inch tablets on the market are Samsung's Galaxy Note 8.0 and Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 and LG's G Pad 8.3.

The Google Dublin employee could not reveal more details about the Nexus 8 tablet, but since we are talking about a Nexus device that will be launched synchronized with Android 4.5, I guess it's safe to assume that the 8 incher will come pre-loaded with the new Android version.

Furthermore, sources in Taiwan suggested a few weeks ago that Google will launch an 8-inch Nexus tablet at the end of April with "initial shipments of two million units." The same report also indicated that Google has once more chosen ASUS to be their partner in the development of the new stock Android-powered tablet.

Would you be interested in purchasing an 8-inch Nexus tablet or you prefer the 7-inch models? What about Android 4.5? Are you looking forward towards any particular features?

Tom · 5 years ago

I am waiting for the 8in version. The Nexus 7 is ok as an ebook reader but imho too small to do other things, in particular writing emails and surfing the net. 8in would be just about right. I am thinking to get an LG 8.3 but if Google´s 8in has similar specs as the Nexus 7, I am inclined to go for that one.

Nic · 5 years ago

Would like to see the Nexus 8 with a simple 2:1 aspect ratio such as 1200X2400.

That way, besides an 8 inch 2:1 aspect ratio tablet still fitting in one hand as well as pant and jacket pockets, it might be more productive ratio per real estate for medium small screens!

How do I make a request to Google for the new Nexus 8 screen to be designed as a 2:1 aspect ratio such as 1200X2400?

Guest · 5 years ago

I am going to buy a Nexus 8.

MSolvin · 5 years ago

More ram...SD slot...and phone call abilities.... If they came out with this, I and many senior citizens would throw our computers and window's 8 in the trash!

siniranji · 5 years ago

I really love my nexus 7 2012, but i expect the new comer must have atleast 3gigs of ram and ability to support 128gb cards recently launched by SanDisk. ASUS need to set the bar very high in build quality so i expect the hardware to reach apple like standards. Without new sensors, customers won't be aspiring to buy new stock android devices. Bezels need to be reduced so the device becomes pocket friendly.

MarcosV · 5 years ago

It's funny that I seem to be opposite of other people. I want more built-in storage, and an mircoSD slot. WiFi and LTE are great when available and affordable, but, going backpacking, you don't access to either. You also don't always have enough available bandwidth to stream, such as on a plane.

JimAlaska · 5 years ago

I very much like my Nexus 7 w/ LTE from AT&T. While it has been my daily driver the last few months, the screen size is a little tight for my grubby mits. If this has 4G available, I will have difficulty saying no.

I am a Real Estate Agent and really do need one with an Internet connection, not just wireless. I have been going with the Nexus line because the crapware installed by the other manufacturers and carriers takes up resources i feel I need for my own purposes.

I very much liked my old Atrix 4G. It was my daily driver for nearly 2 years, but the crapware installed on it sometimes made it nearly impossible to use. There were programs running on it I never used, couldn't get rid of, and it regularly crashed due to running out of resources.

Gregg Long · 6 years ago

Also it's dumb but Google needs to go to Android 5.0. Apple will be touting ios 8 by next year and to the great unwashed version 8 is self evidently better than version 4.5. Messaging and marketing does matter and no amount of wishful thinking by the engineers at Google is going to change that.

Bush the decider. · 6 years ago

i love the new stuff, but youve got to get battery life up! forget all nifty features, the batterys in these devices are lame. my nex7 last about 3 hours with use.... same with my nex5. i love both devices, but the batterys suck.

Ark · 6 years ago

My G2 lasts 6 and a half hours on.

FrankM · 6 years ago

If Nexus is looking for a less-competitive segment, try better screen ratios. 16:9 absolutely blows in landscape mode, especially when typing with the onscreen keyboard -- it reminds me of an elderly relative's web browser packed with 7 add-on toolbars... iPad's 4:3 screen is still a winner with me. I might consider a 16:10 tablet, but 16:9 is a non-starter.

Mauricio Macas · 6 years ago

Buena noticia, esperemos que sea cierto

Chazz Matthews · 6 years ago

So, which is it? April or July?

You said, "Furthermore" when "However" (showing contradiction) should have been used.

July makes more sense, as that will be the 1-year mark since the 2013 Nexus 7 was released. Time for a refresh.

peter · 6 years ago

While i love my nexus 7 2013, sometimes its a bjt tricky to write smaller documents, because of my big fingertios on the tiny screen. So yes, i will appriciate a sligjtly bigger screen. I hope it will still fit to my pocket like the 7" one. Because thats the main reasosn why i love it so much. Its ok to hold in one hand.if it could be a very simmilar size as nexus 7, but bigger screen on smaller bezels, that will be fine.
With a growth of an inch i woukd also expect a bigger battery with longer life.
I'm really looking forward to it. Nexus 7 2013 is my first nexus device, and by side of my htc one, this are the OS i really love. ( vanilla and sense).

Guest · 5 years ago

But just remember that the Nexus 7 2013 won't be killed off when the Nexus 8 comes out.

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