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How to Hard Reset Google Pixel 2 XL

One of the most used Android basic operations is the hard reset process. Even if it might sound strange, a total wipe is the operation that can save your day and also your phone. So, if you want to learn how to complete this procedure on your new Google Pixel 2 XL, don’t think twice and check out all the lines from this dedicated tutorial. Here you can learn the advantages and the risks related with the hard reset operation, you can review the essential pre-requisites that should be applied first on your Pixel 2 XL and you can test the two methods that are explained right in the end.

Knowing how to hard reset the Google Pixel 2 XL is important because you can never know when you need to initiate a full wipe. So, even if you might think that you will never need to apply the steps from this guide, the best will be to bookmark this page; you can understand why in a few moments.

Yes, making a hard reset will erase everything that’s not there from day one. So, you will wipe your personal data, info, accounts, files and apps in order to bring your Google Pixel 2 XL back to its initial / default state. And that’s not a bad thing, especially if you are currently dealing with Android software related issues or malfunctions.

You see, making a wipe ensures a clean Android system. Malware will be removed, unresponsive processes will be stopped and malicious or inappropriate apps will be deleted. Thus, any associated problems will be addressed and I’m mainly talking about bugs, lags, force close errors, battery drain, heating issues, signal strength problems, screen freeze, total blackouts and so on.

So, making the hard reset can help you unbrick a soft bricked Google Pixel 2 XL. Additionally, this operation can help you speed things up, if you recently noticed that your phone is running slower than it used to. And, you can just free up some space.

Moreover, the hard reset will not be optional if you will want to replace the stock / pure Android software with a custom ROM firmware such as Lineage OS, AOKP or Paranoid Android. Therefore, this Android basic operation might help you successfully tweak your Android device.

Of course, initiating the hard reset on the Google Pixel 2 XL is an official operation supported by your OEM. That’s why you won’t risk in losing your phone’s warranty. Also, that’s why you can complete the steps from below without using third party apps or other similar programs and risky tools.

Moreover, the hard reset operation can be completed by following the steps from below even if you already tweaked your smartphone. Shortly, this guide can be successfully used if your Pixel 2 XL is rooted, powered by a custom ROM firmware, running on an unlocked bootloader, installed with a custom recovery image and so on.

Anyway, what’s extremely important is one thing: the backup. Without completing a proper and full backup you will lose everything that was not there by default. I’m talking about your contacts, call logs, texts, images, videos, audio files, market apps, internet settings, calendar info, saved passwords and so on. Thus, don’t hesitate and save everything from your Google Pixel 2 XL before doing anything else – keep in mind that that’s the only way in which you can still secure your files.

And, of course, as usual, charging your smartphone before starting the hard reset shouldn’t be optional. Just verify the power that’s left and if you notice less than 50% juice in the tank, don’t think twice and wait while your Google Pixel 2 XL gets charged. Otherwise you can end up in soft bricking your handset so try not to mess things up.

How to easily and safely Hard Reset the Google Pixel 2 XL

Method 1

  1. Begin by turning off your Google Pixel 2 XL.
  2. Make sure you wait while the switch off is completed – don’t just reboot your phone just power it off.
  3. Good; now enter recovery mode on your Pixel 2 XL.
  4. From recovery choose “wipe data factory reset”.
  5. Optional: go to main menu of recovery and pick “wipe cache partition”; then, pick advanced and select “wipe dalvik cache”.
  6. When done, go back to main menu of recovery.
  7. Select Reboot System now; that’ all.

Method 2

  1. Switch on your device.
  2. Access Menu and choose Settings.
  3. From the Setting main menu locate Backup & Reset and access the same entry.
  4. Choose Factory data reset and tap on Reset phone.
  5. Pick up Erase everything.
  6. Confirm the possible alerts and enter the security code if asked.
  7. Wait while the factory reset is completed.
  8. Reboot your Google Pixel 2 XL in the end.


There you have it; that’s how you can hard reset the Google Pixel 2 XL. If you applied this operation for fixing soft related problems, remember that it might not be enough. So, if the issues are still there, consider in reinstalling the stock Android software. For any other problems, don’t hesitate and use the comments field from below – don’t forget, we are here to assist you as soon as possible. Enjoy.