If you want to, or have to, learn how to hard reset / factory reset the Google Pixel XL now you can use our dedicated step by step tutorial in order to ensure that everything will go as planned. Thus, overall, if you choose to read the lines from below you can learn everything that’s related with the hard reset process: why you should learn such a procedure, which are the advantages and the risks implied, which are the essential pre requisites and, of course, how to perform the actual operation on your own Google Pixel XL.

A hard reset operation is in fact a wiping process through which you can erase the internal storage system of your Google Pixel XL. Even if it might sound strange, making a wipe can turn out to be a life saver. In fact, through a hard reset you can resolve various problems and you can also prepare other special things. But, in order to make things even clearer here is what you can obtain after making a factory reset (by the way the factory reset is the exact same thing with the hard reset):

  • You can get rid of malicious apps, unresponsive programs, malware attack, or inapropiate tools.
  • You can manually troubleshoot the most common Android related issues on your Google Pixel XL – such as boot loops, lags, bugs, force close errors, battery drain, heating issues, screen freeze, signal strength problems and even total blackouts.
  • You can “protect” your personal data, info, accounts and files if you are planning to sell your Google Pixel XL.
  • You can speed things up if you somehow feel that your phone is running slower than it used to.
  • You can free up some internal storage space.
  • You can prepare your device for dedicated custom operations such as flashing a custom ROM firmware like CyanogenMod, AOKP or Paranoid Android.

As you can see wiping your Google Pixel XL comes with various advantages. The best is that this operation is featured by default on your device and can be completed through the recovery mode menu or by using built-in settings (the detailed procedures will be explained below). Therefore, you will not risk anything: making a hard reset is an official process and you don’t have to use complex or risky software in order to perform all the steps from below.

Moreover, the hard reset methods from this tutorial will work regardless the state in which your Google Pixel XL is found in a certain moment – it can be locked, rooted, running on stock or on custom Android ROM, installed with the stock or with a custom recovery image, powered by a locked or unlocked bootloader and so on.

Of course, the main risk in related with your data. And yes, if you don’t take precaution measures everything that’s personal will be deleted. Therefore, you have to make a backup operation before applying the hard reset process on your Google Pixel XL. The backup can be quickly resolved as you can sync your data with your account or you can use any other backup and restore tools from Google Play. On your way and along with your personal files don’t forget to save dedicated stuffs such as internet settings, the EFS folder or the IMEI / NVRAM data.

And one more thing: check the battery status on your Pixel XL – begin the hard reset operation only if there is more than 50% power left on your phone; otherwise plug in the charger. Be careful in what you choose to do as if your handset will get turned off during the factory reset process, some software related problems might be issued.

How to Hard Reset the Google Pixel XL

Method 1

  1. The first way in which you can try to hard reset your phone is the one that can be done through the recovery mode menu.
  2. Therefore, first you will have to power off your device. Of course, wait while the switch off process is completed.
  3. Then, reboot recovery mode on your Google Pixel XL.
  4. In recovery use the Volume Up and Down buttons to scroll within the available options and the Power key to select your option.
  5. So, select “wipe data factory reset”.
  6. If you want you can also clear app data cache by choosing “wipe cache partition” and “wipe dalvik cache”.
  7. In the end, from the main menu of recovery pick “Reboot system now”.
  8. That’s all.

Method 2

  1. This second solution can be applied if you can use the Google Pixel XL built-in settings.
  2. Therefore, you first have to power on your device.
  3. From its main screen tap on Menu and select Settings.
  4. Under Settings, choose the Backup&Restore option.
  5. From there tap on the Factory data reset field.
  6. Also choose Reset phone.
  7. You have to pick Erase Everything when you are ready to initiate the wiping process.
  8. Agree with all the other alerts, if there are any.
  9. The hard reset will be now automatically completed – so wait while the process is performed.
  10. In the end, reboot your Google Pixel XL and enjoy.

Perfect. You can now hard reset your Google Pixel XL anytime you want. Use the comments field from below and let us know how things worked for you.

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