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How to Hard Reset LG G2

Making a hard reset represents an essential operation to perform on an Android device. Why? Well, we will discuss in a detailed way about this during the lines from below, where I will also show you how to easily hard reset your LG G2. By using this guide you will learn how to hard reset, or factory reset the LG G2 by using two methods – the first is the classic or software way and the second implies in using the recovery mode menu. Anyway, check the lines from below for further info.

Hard reset or factory reset is a term from which we understand the following: the internal system of your Android smartphone will be wiped out in order to remove bugs, malware and other problems. So, making a hard reset might be the perfect way for fixing your damaged or bricked LG G2. Furthermore, you will have to make a hard reset if you will want to sell your phone or if you will buy a new one from your friend or from another user. The factory reset is also required when your LG G2 is running slow or when you are experiencing lags on your Android smartphone.

Basically, with a hard reset you can resolve the main issues from an Android phone and tablet. The issues might be related to unofficial operations that you have recently applied on your G2. For example you can damage your device while trying to gain root access, to unlock the bootloader, to install a custom recovery image, flash a custom kernel or update with a custom ROM firmware. In most cases after messing things up your phone will be stuck in a boot loop, or the display will freeze and you will not be able to use the menu, to power off or force restart your device. But, luckily for you in most cases the hard reset or factory reset is resolving these issues with ease.

Since by making a hard reset you will wipe the system of your LG G2, before heading to the proper steps a good idea will be to perform a backup. Of course do that only if you can still use your phone, else you will have to skip the backup. Now, you should save everything that’s there on the internal storage memory of your phone. Start with the contacts list, call logs, text messages, market apps and end with your personal data, info and accounts. As a personal recommendation in order to make a proper backup use compatible and free distributed apps from Google Play.

Remember that this tutorial is compatible only with the LG G2. What does this mean? Well basically the steps from below will work only for the mentioned device, while the process has been tested only on the same. So, don’t risk anything and don’t apply the guidelines on similar or different Android devices.

How to Hard Reset LG G2

Hardware factory reset

  1. Take your phone and turn it off – just press power button and select “power off”.
  2. Wait while your device is shutting down.
  3. Then, press volume down button and power button together until the LG logo appears on the screen.
  4. When the LG logo is displayed, let go of the power button, keep pressing the volume down key and then press once more the power button.
  5. Once you do that, on your LG G2 the factory reset menu will be displayed.
  6. Press power button in order to agree and wait while the hard reset is being completed.

Software factory reset

  1. If you can use your phone then you can perform the hard reset in an easier way.
  2. All you have to do is to tap on the “menu” icon.
  3. Go to “settings”.
  4. Select “general” and pick “backup and factory reset”.
  5. Then choose “factory reset”, agree and complete the hard reset operation.

Congratulations, you have successfully completed the tutorial which means that you now know how to safely make a hard reset on your LG G2. Now you can easily repair your bricked or damaged phone and you can also bump the speeds and remove the lags and bugs from your phone’s internal system. Do use the comments field from below for sharing your experience with our team and with the other users who might want to use this guide.

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