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How to Hard Reset Motorola Moto G5

Moto G5

If you are experiencing software related problems on your Motorola Moto G5 or if you feel that your phone isn’t running as fast as it used to you should consider in making a hard reset. This is a dedicated Android operation that can help you smartly manage different tricky situations. So, if you want to learn further details about the advantages of initiating a factory reset and if you want to learn how to apply this operation on your own Moto G5 don’t hesitate and review all the guidelines from below.

The hard reset is a built-in functionality that can be anytime initiated. This functionality is there to restore your Moto G5 back to its initial state. This restoration is only partially completed as the hard reset will only remove the data that wasn’t there from day one. So, we are discussing about a wiping process which will remove everything from your device.

Basically, after the factory reset is performed your device will run only on bloatware and other essential files. Your personal data will be removed – such as images, videos, audio files, market apps, internet settings, calendar info, EFS folder, IMEI / NVRAM data, contacts, call logs, texts and so on.

So, why to make a hard reset since all your data will be removed during this process? Well, mainly because you will be able to free up the internal storage space. In that way you can speed things up and you can fix any soft related issues – along with your data you will manage to remove malware, corrupted files, malicious apps, unresponsive processes and any other malfunctions that can cause boot loops, lags, hangs, screen freeze, battery drain, heating issues, signal strength problems, total blackouts and so on.

But making a hard reset can help you resolve other things too. For example, it can be required during certain tweaking operations such as flashing custom ROMs – as you might know, a custom update can be installed on your handset only if a hard reset is first applied.

Completing the hard reset on the Motorola Moto G5 is an official process that can be completed in two ways – by using built-in settings or by accessing recovery mode. So, during the steps from below we will cover these two procedures. Also, this operation is official thus you won’t have to use any third party app or program in order to complete it. So, as a general conclusion you won’t lose your G5 warranty while the factory reset is completed – from this perspective you have nothing to worry about.

Of course, if you want to avoid any unpleasant situations, before resuming the actual steps from this guide you need to backup your Motorola Moto G5. As already outlined for several times, the hard reset will remove everything from your smartphone. So, take your time and save what’s important for you. The backup can be applied by syncing files with your Google Account, by using built-in cloud storage platforms or by downloading dedicated backup and restore software from Google Play.

You can start the hard reset even if your Moto G5 is not running on stock Android OS. Also, this operation will work if you already tweak your device – it can run on an unlocked bootloader, a custom recovery image can be installed or root access can be ensured; it won’t matter, the steps from below will work in the same way.

Charge your handset if it’s power is lower than 40%. Apply the charging operation before starting the factory reset as otherwise your Moto G5 can get turned off right in the middle of the following steps. It’s important to ensure enough power as otherwise your phone might get soft bricked – the Android OS can suffer critical issues if it gets suddenly turned off during the hard reset process.

How to Hard Reset Motorola Moto G5

Method 1

  1. This method can be completed if recovery mode is accessed.
  2. So, start by turning off your Moto G5 – press the Power key and choose ‘power off’ or press and hold the Power button for a few moments.
  3. Next, follow this guide and learn how to enter recovery mode on your smartphone.
  4. In recovery use the Volume Rocker keys to scroll up and down and the Power key to select.
  5. Now, from main menu of recovery choose ‘wipe data factory reset’.
  6. The hard reset operation will be now automatically completed.
  7. Additionally, you can also choose to clear app data cache by applying: “wipe cache partition” and “wipe dalvik cache”.
  8. When done, return to main menu of recovery and pick ‘reboot system now’.
  9. Done.

Method 2

  1. This solution will use built-in settings, so begin by turning on your device.
  2. Then, go to Menu – > Settings.
  3. Scroll down and tap on Backup & Reset.
  4. From this field choose Factory Data Reset.
  5. Next, tap on the Reset Device entry.
  6. Afterwards, pick Erase Everything and agree with the alerts that might be displayed.
  7. That should be all; the factory reset should be automatically completed on your Motorola Moto G5.


There you go. That’s how you can hard reset the Motorola Moto G5. You can tell us how this operation worked for you by filling out the comments form from below. If you want to learn other similar procedures, use our how to section or send us an e-mail – we will then try to assist you as soon as possible.