Using an Android based device can turn out to be a real challenge, even when dealing with the most powerful devices. Why is that happening? Well most of the apps that are available along with all the Android features that runs on your phone will, in time, make your handset run slow and with lags or bugs. Thus, if something similar is happening on your Samsung Galaxy A8, maybe it’s time to learn how to make a hard reset. This is a dedicated operation that can once more ensure a stable and a smooth Android experience on your device, so it becomes a basic Android operation.

Of course, through a hard reset process you can obtain a lot more than that. But we will talk about these aspects in a few minutes. What you now need to know is that this is an official Android operation that is featured by default on your Galaxy A8. However, it is somehow hidden so you must learn how to manage things in order to safely hard reset, or factory reset your phone. Basically that’s why you need to follow a dedicated tutorial, not to mention that there are some risks implied by this process, risks that will be also mentioned below.

So, bottom line you won’t lose the warranty of your phone if you choose to complete a hard reset or a factory reset. Moreover, you will be able to use this step by step guide anytime you want as the methods from below are compatible with rooted or locked devices, with stock and with custom ROMs, with stock or with custom recovery images and so on. Thus, this is a general tutorial that might come in handy – just bookmark this page.

A hard reset can be translated as a wiping process. Yes, that’s right, if you choose to complete this guide you will erase all the data from your Galaxy A8. Mainly, your smartphone will be restored back to its initial state as all the third party apps and features will be removed – you will be left only with the usual bloatware and other in built apps. That’s why, through the hard reset operation you can manually troubleshoot different software related issues on your Galaxy A8.

Mainly, you can apply this process if you want to speed up your device, if you want to get rid of bugs, lags, malicious apps or malware and if you want to address software issues such as force close errors, screen freeze, battery drain, heating problems, total blackouts and so on.

In addition, the factory reset will be required if you will want to sell your Galaxy A8 to a friend or to a strange person. In that situation you will want to erase all of your personal data, info and accounts and that’s exactly what you can obtain by following this step by step guide.

Finally, the hard reset process will be a must if you will want to update your Android device with a custom ROM such as CyanogenMod, AOKP or Paranoid Android. In that case you will have to wipe the system of your phone or else the new ROM will not run smoothly.

Now, before resuming the guidelines from below and before making a hard reset, backup your Samsung Galaxy A8 or else you will end up in losing everything. I am talking about contacts, call logs, text messages, internet settings, images, videos, audio files, market apps, EFS folder, calendar info, saved passwords, the current ROM and even IMEI / NVRAM data. Don’t worry, your data can be easily saved if you choose to sync it with your personal account or if you download and use other free distributed backup and restore apps from Google Play.

Don’t forget to plug in the charger before doing anything else if you want to avoid unpleasant situations from taking place – your A8 can get soft bricked if it gets turned off while you try to hard reset its system. So, check the battery status and if the power left is lower than 50%, take care of the charging process.

How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy A8

Make it through Recovery Mode

The first way in which you can complete the hard reset operation is by using the recovery mode menu. You can do so if you follow the steps from below:

  1. First of all you have to turn off your phone; so power it off – press the power key and select “power off” or press and hold the power button until the shut down process is completed.
  2. Then, reach recovery mode on your Galaxy A8 – one way to do it is by pressing and holding (at the same time, for a few seconds) the power, volume up and home buttons.
  3. Next, from recovery you have to select “wipe data factory reset”.
  4. Wait while the hard reset operation is being initiated and completed.
  5. In addition you can also clear app data cache by choosing “wipe cache partition” and “wipe dalvik cache”.
  6. When done, return to main menu of recovery.
  7. From there select “reboot system now”.

Use in built settings

  1. On your phone tap on “Menu”.
  2. Then, hit “Settings”.
  3. From there navigate towards Backup and Reset.
  4. Choose Factory Data Reset.
  5. Select Erase all Data and agree with the alerts.
  6. In the end the factory reset process will be completed automatically.

Enter the dedicated Reset Code

  1. Open the Dial Screen on your Galaxy A8.
  2. Type the following code: *2767*3855#.
  3. That’s it; all your data will be lost.

There you have it; you can now hard reset your Samsung Galaxy A8 any time you want. Test the methods from above and choose the one that you prefer the most. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us by using the comments field from below.

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