A wiping process is not something that you might want to apply on your Android device, but there are situations when erasing everything is the perfect solution that can solve all your problems. So, during this guide we will talk about these situations which are requiring a hard reset operation for your own Samsung Galaxy J3 2016. We will also discuss about the risks implied by these operation, by additional pre requisites and, of course, we will eventually detail the actual hard reset process that can be applied on the new Galaxy J3.

So, if you feel that you need to learn more about the hard reset operation, reading the guidelines from below is exactly what you have to do. However, do note that this is a complex operation which shouldn’t be completed without being sure that a wipe is what you need.

As already mentioned above, the hard reset means wiping everything from your Samsung Galaxy J3 2016. And when I say everything I really mean it. Basically your phone will be restored back to its initial state: all your personal data, info, accounts and files will be erased along with all the other third party apps and processes. In the end you will be left only with the pre-installed apps, with the carrier branded tools and with the regular bloatware.

The process is also dubbed as a factory reset as you will restore your device back to factory settings. So, bottom line, this is an official operation, featured by default on your new Samsung Galaxy J3. The hard reset can be completed in two different ways which will be detailed down below. However, you don’t need to use dedicated apps or complex programs in order to apply the hard reset, which is great: you won’t risk in damaging your phone and you won’t lose its warranty while dealing with the guidelines from this tutorial.

In fact, making a hard reset can be used as a manual troubleshoot solution. You can fix various software related issues if you choose to erase everything: among personal data you will erase malware, unresponsive programs, inappropriate tools and so on – so, by applying this guide you can address problems like boot loops, lags, bugs, force close errors, battery drain, heating issues, screen freeze, alerts, total blackouts and so on. Manually fixing a bricked Galaxy J3 is great especially if you have performed tweaking procedures, situation in which you can’t reclaim the warranty of your device any more.

Making the hard reset will also help you in gaining some free storage space. Also, this process could speed up your Galaxy J3 2016 – if you feel that your phone runs slower than it used to, the perfect solution is to make a factory reset. Moreover, the same process is a good idea if you plan to sell your handset to a friend or to a stranger – in that case you don’t want to share your personal files and info.

Since a wipe is involved in the middle of the action, a backup is also strongly recommended. In this manner you won’t lose anything even after completing the hard reset. Thus, don’t hesitate and sync your data with your account, download backup and restore apps from Google Play or manage other dedicated cloud storage platforms in order to save anything that you might need afterwards: contacts, call logs, texts, images, videos, audio files, market apps, internet settings, the EFS folder, calendar info, saved passwords or the IMEI / NVRAM data.

This process can be applied anytime and anywhere. It doesn’t even matter if you have a rooted or a locked device, or if you run on stock Android OS or on a custom ROM firmware. The hard reset can be initiated without problems regardless the instance in which your Samsung Galaxy J3 is found in a certain moment.

Don’t forget to charge your Galaxy J3 before starting the process from down below. It is important to ensure enough battery life or else you might end up in soft bricking your smartphone – various problems might be issued if your device gets turned off in the middle of the hard reset operation. So, bottom line, plug in the charger if that’s required – if the power left is currently lower than 50%.

How to Hard Reset the Samsung Galaxy J3 2016

Wipe Everything through recovery mode

  1. The first way in which you can apply this process is by using the recovery mode menu.
  2. Therefore, start by powering off your smartphone.
  3. Then, enter recovery mode on your Galaxy J3 2016.
  4. From recovery use the Volume Up / Down buttons in order to scroll up and down and the Power key to select.
  5. Choose “wipe data factory reset”.
  6. Wait while the process is completed.
  7. Optional: also select “wipe cache partition” and “wipe dalvik cache” if you also want to clear app data cache.
  8. When done, from main menu of recovery select “reboot system now”.

Make a factory reset using built-in settings

  1. In order for this solution to work, your Galaxy J3 must be powered on.
  2. Now, tap on Menu.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Navigate towards Backup & Reset.
  5. Select Reset Device.
  6. And choose Erase Everything.
  7. Agree with the alerts and wait while the process is completed automatically.
  8. You can reboot your phone in the end.

That’s it. Basically now you must know how to hard reset the Samsung Galaxy J3 2016. This is a basic Android operation so don’t hesitate and test it out – only after you backup your data, or course. Return here for further tutorials and relevant Android tips and tricks.

Josephine Warren ยท 2 years ago

J3 factory rest wants previous data entered like original email address which i dont know it. Is there a reset to a complete wipe out so i can out in new email address

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