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How the Face Unlock feature on ICS 4.0 Phones should work

Looks like Google decided to implement this “futuristic” face unlock feature on the new ICS 4.0 Android OS and my question is: WHY? (Y U NO leave us alone with your stupid unfinished ideas?) You might be on the same page as I am because this face unlocking feature isn’t even in its Beta stage and I know that because they give you alternatives after you set your face (PIN or Pattern), just in case it doesn’t work properly. And that, for me, well it screams “Look at me, I’m fancy, but I have no purpose!”. You can even take a picture of your face with another phone and place it in front of the phone you want to unlock and, well… it will unlock it. Long story made short, it’s not reliable so stick to your pin unlocking method.

But if you’re not on the same page as I am (you’re on the back cover for some reason) here’s how this face unlock feature “works”:

  • In order to activate it go to Settings > Security > Screen Lock and select Face Unlock.
  • Now that you’re ready to rumble, place your face within the dotted area (make a silly face) and wait for the camera to record your face features.
  • Do not wear (sun) glasses or some kind of hat or anything that you don’t wear all the time because it won’t work as intended.
  • Try this: make a silly face and give the phone to one of your friends and tell him to make the same face you made. I bet you it will unlock.

Maybe you noticed that my tone was kind of aggressive and it was like that for a reason. I don’t think big companies like Google should ever release something that’s not finished or not even in its Beta stage. I know this face unlocking feature the new ICS 4.0 Android OS brings sounds fun and futuristic, I liked it too until I tried it, but let’s be honest, how many of you are really going to use this feature just for the fun part of it (which will dry away eventually)? I’m guessing not so many, because some of you really care about their phone’s security.

Well it’s good to try out new ideas and concepts and maybe in the far/near future this face unlock feature will get polished and you could rely on it.