This tutorial teaches you how to successfully configure and add fingerprint security for your Galaxy S10 device. Check all the info in this post in order to learn how set up this new security function easily.

Fingerprint security allows users to easily unlock their phones in under a second without the need of entering a pin or a password, or to draw a pattern. Please note that you will still need to have a default unlock PIN, pattern or password, as you won't be able to set a fingerprint without one of these already configured.

After you set up a new PIN or pattern for your device you should always remember it, as otherwise you cannot change other options, nor unlock your device in case the fingerprint scanner unlock fails to do so.

How to set up Fingerprint recognition for your Galaxy S10:

  • go to Settings.
  • open the Biometrics and Security menu.
  • now tap the Fingerprints option.
  • enter your PIN/ pattern/ password to continue.
  • follow the steps on the screen to setup the first fingerprint.
  • after you register the first fingerprint, you can continue and register the 2nd one.
  • register all the required fingers and then hit the Done button to confirm.
  • now you need to select Fingerprint unlock in order to enable it.

These were all the steps that you had to take in order to set up fingerprint security for your Galaxy S10 device. In case you need any extra help completing this tutorial you should tell us in comments below.

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