Helium tool is a great tool released by ClockworkMod's developer Koushik Dutta. You can use it in order to back any data files from your favorite installed applications. It mostly works with newer versions of Android without requiring root.

Helium for Android Free and Premium versions have been downloaded by millions of users worldwide and the number continues to grow since it is one of the most reliable Data Backup tools ever released for Android devices.

This application is capable of syncing data from SMS text messaging app, data from installed applications such as achievements, progress and all the other files that are currently present in an app's installation folder. All this data can be stored on your phone's internal or external storage or, you can choose to use a cloud storage service such as Drive, Dropbox or Box. Note that restoring data from cloud storage requires you to buy the Premium version of Helium app, as the Free version doesn't support such function.

Download Helium for Android FREE edition from Google Play Store here.

Download Helium for Android PREMIUM edition from Google Play Store here.

Here's how to setup Helium tool for your Android device:

  • Install the app on your device.
    > if you're rooted, then you can skip all the rest of this tutorial and start testing the app right away.
    > users with non-rooted Android devices should continue reading the post.
  • Now you have to Download and Install Helium Desktop app on your computer --- Download link here.
  • Use the USB Data cable and connect your phone to your PC.
  • Now the Helium app will guide you through the rest of the process.
    - set your default data backup method and then start saving all important app data.

The FREE version of Helium for Android allows you to complete the following actions: backup and restore to SD card, backup and restore from PC.

PREMIUM version of Helium doesn't contain any ads, it allows you to set Automatic Backup schedules, Android to Android sync and Cloud Storage backup.

Helium tool works with all applications running Android 4.0 and later.

NOTE: at the moment it doesn't support any Motorola devices, as well as some Sony models.

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