The Android Custom or Stock Recovery Mode is a secret menu that was added by Samsung in order to help users flash new ROMs and other customization files faster and easier. This post teaches you how to successfully enter Custom / Stock Recovery on the Galaxy Note 3, so make sure to read the entire post.

This Recovery Mode for Galaxy Note 3 is easy to boot, as you simply need to use a key combination when the phone is off. Now, Recovery Mode when running opens up tons of possibilities for its users, as you can easily do the following: Wipe data, Factory Reset, Format System, install new ROMs when CWM / TWRP Recovery is installed, install new kernels and flash other types of customization files.

The Stock Recovery image is the one that you originally get when you buy the phone, but this one can be changed using CWM or TWRP. These two are custom Recoveries and you can access them the same way. After you flash a Custom Recovery you will not be able to use the Stock Recovery anymore. Custom Recovery works mostly with rooted Samsung devices, so you might not be able to use one on a non-rooted device.

This tutorial will work with all Samsung Galaxy Note 3 smartphones. Using this post you will learn how to boot Stock Recovery Mode and CWM, TWRP or any other type of custom Recovery image you have flashed on your Galaxy Note 3.

Note that this guide works with all Galaxy S series phones too.

How to boot Stock  or Custom Recovery Mode for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 all models:

  1. Switch off the Galaxy Note 3 completely.
    - you can remove the battery and then re-insert it after several seconds pass by.
  2. Next, press and hold simultaneously Volume Up, Home and Power.
  3. Release the buttons when the screen flickers and then wait for the Recovery Mode main screen to appear.
    - if the Recovery Mode doesn't boot, then you should keep trying until it does.
  4. Your device will boot in Recovery Mode and now you're free to apply any changes you want.
  5. Reboot the phone in normal mode by selecting the Reboot option.

NOTE:  try and keep the buttons pressed until the Recovery menu appears if the device doesn't show Recovery after your release the buttons when the Note 3 display flickers.

Other more automatic ways to boot Recovery Mode for your device:

  • use GooManager (here) for TWRP Recovery or ROM Manager (here) for CWM Recovery.
    - note that these apps require root access.
  • if your device runs on a custom ROM then you might be able to boot in Recovery Mode by keeping the Power Button pressed until its context menu appears.
    - select the 'reboot' option and wait for the device to boot in custom Recovery.

I think that these were all the steps that I had for you, now you're free to start testing the Boot in Recovery Mode task. If you have any other questions, please use the comments field below.

Bollayam · 1 month ago


Oscar Rojas · 1 year ago

W any suggestions on how to get how to get display on the screen turn on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 currently nothing but black some little yellowish and purplish lines but that's about it...baterry light turns on the top left hand corner to hear sound but no display image

Salvatore Cirillo · 3 years ago

my Note 3 lte (SM-N9005 Snapdragon) is stuck on the samsung logo with on top blue text ''Recovery Boot...'' and its in a on/off loop always doing the same..what can i do?

Saharsh Samir · 2 years ago

the same is happening with me. how did you solve it???

Jihad Ishaq · 4 years ago

i cant acsess the recovery mode what should i do

rak · 4 years ago

My note 3 phone says there is no updates phone is modified even tho i havent done any.and even did the factory reset n tried but didnt work...plz help

A Very Good Unrooter · 2 years ago

you must have done something to your note 3 . it dosent say. " This phone has been modified and software updates are unavailable." on its own your phone is rooted . so you have to unroot it.

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