The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 smartphones are all coming with a pre-installed Safe Mode, one that can be used to troubleshoot any issues that the device has developed recently.

The Safe Mode can be booted using two simple methods, one can be used when the phone is powered on and the other when the device is off. Safe Mode when used on any Galaxy phone will temporarily disable all the apps that you have installed since you first used the device.

Using the Safe Mode on the Galaxy Note 10 will allow you to troubleshoot any operating system problem you might have encountered recently. If you have installed any apps from unknown sources and you cannot remove when in normal mode, then you can do it using the instructions below.

If you are having constant problems with app crashes, random reboots and other similar issues that are making your Galaxy Note 10 unusable, then you should first try to remove any unwanted apps using the Safe Mode, and only afterwards you should try to factory reset the device.

How to boot Safe Mode for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10:

Please note that we cannot be blamed in case you end up bricking your device, nor in case you lose any important file using the instructions in this post. Remember that booting in Safe Mode will only load the pre-installed apps.

Here's how boot Galaxy Note 10 Safe Mode when the phone is ON:

  1. Open the Power Options menu.
  2. Now, tap and hold the Power Off icon.
  3. The icon will now be replaced by the Safe Mode one.
  4. Tap once the Safe Mode icon and confirm the boot.
  5. The Safe Mode boot will complete in under one minute and you should notice a small text confirming you have booted in this mode successfully.
  6. To go back to normal mode simply reboot the device.

If you can't boot Safe Mode with the Galaxy Note 10 powered ON, then you can boot it when the device is switched off. Here's how to do it:

  1. Power off the device.
  2. Now, power it ON normally.
  3. When the Samsung logo shows up you need to press and hold Volume Down button immediately.
  4. Don't release the button until the Safe Mode boot is complete.

Reboot the phone in normal mode and you are done with this post.

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