The Safe Mode function allows users to boot their Galaxy Note 10 Plus in a secure environment, as it will only load the apps the phone came with originally. The Safe Mode can be used to troubleshoot any problems that the Galaxy Note 10 has developed since you first bought it.

Galaxy Note 10 Plus Safe Mode can be booted even with the phone powered down, so you can boot this when the phone refuses to boot in normal mode. Note that before starting the Safe Mode boot for the Galaxy Note 10 Plus you will have to make sure that the device's battery charge is over 40% - that will allow enough time for you to tinker with the Galaxy Note 10 settings and apps and troubleshoot it successfully.

How to boot Galaxy Note 10 Plus in Safe Mode:

You can boot the Safe Mode on the Galaxy Note 10 in two ways, one allows you to boot it from the home screen of your device, and the other one with the phone powered off.

Here's how to boot Safe Mode for the Galaxy Note 10+ right from the home screen:

  • press and hold for a fraction of a second the Bixby / Power button.
  • Power menu options will load.
  • now tap and hold the "power off" icon for it to be replaced by the Safe Mode icon.
  • tap the Safe Mode icon once and confirm the boot.

How to boot Galaxy Note 10+ Safe Mode with the device powered off:

  • power on the device normally
  • immediately after the screen turns On you need to press and hold the Volume Down button.
  • when the boot is complete you will see the Safe Mode text in the lower part of the Galaxy Note 10+ screen.

When the Safe Mode is enabled on the Galaxy Note 10 Plus you will only be able to use the apps the device had installed when you first bought it. If you wish to remove any apps from your device you simply need to go to Settings> Apps and find them in the list.

Note that in order to boot the phone in normal mode you simply need to restart it normally.

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