If you are looking to change the Screen Mode colors your Galaxy S10 is showing then you're in the right place. Below you can find info on how to change the screen colors your phone is displaying.

As you know Samsung is rolling all their phones with a more vibrant color scheme, and if you're coming from a different device then the Samsung Galaxy S10 phone will look way too colorful for you. For those users who prefer a color scheme that's closer to the way colors are looking in reality then you can use the Screen Mode options and restore the color scheme to a more "basic mode".

How to Change Galaxy S10 Display Color Scheme:

The Screen Mode on the Galaxy S10 features four different color schemes for you to choose from. Here's how to find this menu:

  • open Settings.
  • go to Display.
  • scroll and find Screen Mode.
  • open it.
  • choose from the four different Screen Modes shown by your Galaxy S10.
  • confirm change and close the Settings menu.

The first option, Adaptive Display, is the default setting for all the Samsung Galaxy devices, and it is the one with the most vibrant color scheme. Adaptive Display also allows you to change its "white balance" from "cold" to "warm". If you want more control over this mode, then you can choose to open the "Advanced Settings" menu and change the RGB values from there.

The second mode is called AMOLED Cinema, and this one is great when you wish to watch video content, as it lowers the color saturation and it improves overall colors for them to look more natural. The 3rd one is called AMOLED photo and it does exactly what it says in its title.

The last mode is called "basic" and it is the one that doesn't have its color scheme changed in any way. Make sure to use the preview image above the color mode selections in order to choose the one that best suits your needs.

These were the steps that you had to follow in order to learn how to easily switch between your Galaxy S10 Screen Modes. If you need more help with setting up your Galaxy S10, then you should tell us in comments below.

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