The Galaxy Tab is maybe one of the most popular tablets available on the market, being Apple’s iPad biggest competitor. Samsung first released the Galaxy Tab back on September 2010 and since then, there were sold more than 2 million units (this assessment was made last year on January) worldwide. Since there are so many users who are dealing with such a device (after the initial launch, there were provided numerous versions of the Galaxy Tab) we decided to come with this tutorial, which is showing the easiest way in which you can change, or optimize the appearances of your tablet.

Therefore, during the present post, I will show you how to change the wallpapers from the Galaxy Tab tablet. Even though it might seem (for some of you) an easy task to do, I know that there are users who are having issues in completing this operation. In conclusion, during this tutorial you will be able to learn how to customize and change the wallpapers, the Live Wallpapers and how to apply your favorite photos and images as wallpapers. The procedure will take only a couple of minutes, so give it a try.

The process was tested on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, but the settings are usual the same for all the variants of the tablet. Also, the following are working only on the devices that are featuring the Android 3.2 Honeycomb OS.

Now, in order to change the Wallpapers, you have to go on any of your home screen (doesn’t matter which one you choose) from your tablet and tap it for two seconds, until a list of options will appear. Among the options list you will see the “Wallpaper” one; tap on it. Now a new options list will be displayed.

Next, I will detail how to change the wallpaper by using one of these options: gallery, Live Wallpaper and Wallpaper Gallery. Also you will see how to change the tab specific wallpaper, so check it out.

Set the Gallery Photos as Wallpaper

  1. In order to do this, you must tap on the option named “Gallery”.
  2. Then, you will be asked if you want to set “home screen wallpaper” or the “lock screen wallpaper”. Choose what you prefer.
  3. Then, the tool will take you to the gallery where you have your photos or pictures saved.
  4. Now you can select / choose the photo that you wish to set as a wallpaper.
  5. The image will be automatically adjusted in order to fit on the display.
  6. That’s it.

Change or apply the Live Wallpaper

  1. In case you want to apply a Live Wallpaper, you must first tap on the option named the same.
  2. Then, similar as for the Gallery, the folder where you have stored the Live Wallpapers will be displayed.
  3. Tap an image in order to preview the way in which the Galaxy Tab display will look like.
  4. Select “Set Wallpaper” to apply, or press the return button in order to go back on the gallery.

Changing Tab Specific Wallpapers

  1. For this section you must select the “Wallpaper” option.
  2. Then select the first option, the “Home screen Wallpaper” one.
  3. Numerous images will appear.
  4. Choose and select the one you like the most and that’s it.

There you have it, the easiest and fastest way in which you can change the Wallpapers from your Galaxy Tab tablet. I don’t think that there were any problems during the operation, but if it were, share them with us, so we can help you through. Also, if you need help, for any other tasks you want to complete on your device, tell us and we will come with a step by step guide just for you.

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