If you don't know how to remove and delete SMS text messages from your Galaxy S10, then check the info below.

The guide is destined for new Android / Samsung users who are still trying to find their way around the Galaxy 10 UI.

In case you cannot open the Messages app or there are other problems with this app, then first make sure that the Samsung Messages is your default messaging app.

How to delete Samsung Galaxy S10 text messages:

  • go to your Apps menu.
  • find and open the Messages app.
  • open the Conversation you wish to delete.
  • now tap on the upper right-hand corner of the conversation.
  • tap on the "delete" option and confirm process.

In case you want to delete only specific messages then you have to open the conversation where these are stored. Tap and hold the message line you wish to delete and then tap the "trash bin" icon in the upper right hand side of the conversation window.

If you wish to delete messages from 3rd party apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and other similar apps, then you simply need to open the app and find the conversation you wish to remove. Open the conversation window, long tap the message you wish to remove and use the delete function to confirm process.

If you need any extra help completing this guide, then you should tell us in comments below. Also, if you have other problems involving other different Android apps, then feel free to let us know about them and we will try to offer solutions for you to fix them.

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