The guide below will teach you how to manually setup a mobile hotspot for your Samsung Galaxy S10. Make sure to read the entire post so that you will learn easily how to do it successfully and get it right at your first attempt.

For your smartphone to successfully get configured as the main Internet hotspot you need to have a good mobile data plan, as in case you wish to connect a laptop or a computer with your Galaxy S10, then these devices will require a lot of mobile data to load web pages, YouTube videos, and streaming content. So, make sure that you have enough mobile data left before setting your Galaxy S10 as a mobile hotspot.

How to setup a mobile hotspot using Galaxy S10:

Setting up the mobile hotspot for your Galaxy S10 is easy, as you simply need to open a couple of menus and confirm the process. Note that you can choose to enable mobile hotspot for free and without a passcode, but it is highly recommended for you to set a password for any device you want to connect with your Galaxy S10 phone.

  • go to Settings menu.
  • open Connections menu.
  • open Mobile Hotspot and Tethering menu.
  • enable the Mobile Hotspot toggle.
  • you will be asked to disable Wi-Fi connection and confirm process.

Now your Galaxy S10 mobile hotspot connection will be available for other devices. Below you can find instructions on how to setup the name and password for your connection.

  • go to Settings.
  • open Connections.
  • open again Mobile Hotspot and Tethering.
  • tap the Mobile Hotspot option.
  • in this new screen you need to tap the field with the "android AP" name.
  • enter the name you wish to set for your Galaxy S10 mobile hotspot.
  • confirm.
  • now you need to tap the Password field.
  • enter a strong password.
  • use the password you've entered on the devices you wish to connect with your Galaxy S10 mobile hotspot.

These were the steps you had to take. When you're done with using your phone as a mobile hotspot you can simply open the Notification panels and tap once on the Mobile Hotspot icon - it will disable the mobile hotspot right away.

If you need any extra help completing this tutorial, then you can use the comments field in order to ask for extra help.

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