The Airplane Mode in Samsung Galaxy S10 allows users to deactivate all network activity, as there are still some airline companies that are requiring users not to use them when in-flight. The tutorial tells you how to manually enable and disable airplane mode when you're in a flight.

The Airplane Mode can be enabled on some flights, but you can still use the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections by opening the Navigation Toggles and tapping once for each of these options.

Please note that we cannot be held responsible in case you're bricking your device while using one of our guides. This tutorial shouldn't pose any threats to your Galaxy S10 software, but you should still be careful when using your device in normal mode while using different airlines from all over the world.

If you're planning on not using Airplane Mode while you're in a flight, then you should first search the airline's guidelines and see what you need to do so that you won't get in trouble with them.

Some airlines are allowing their passengers to use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth while in-flight, so you should open the Navigation toggles panel and enable them after you enable the Airplane mode on your Galaxy S10. The Galaxy S10 is perfectly capable of using the Wi-Fi connection at its full performance when in Airplane Mode.

How to Turn on Airplane Mode for Samsung Galaxy S10:

You can enable the airplane mode from the Settings menu, or straight from the device's navigation toggles. Below you can find both methods that you can use to enable Airplane Mode for your phone.

  1. Open the Navigation window by sliding down from the upper side of your phone's screen.
  2. Look through your toggles menu and find the Airplane Mode icon.
  3. Tap once to enable it.
  4. When the flight is done you can do the same and tap once to disable Airplane Mode.

The second method for those that for whatever reason they can't open the Navigation toggles:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Open the Connections menu.
  3. Tap on Airplane Mode.
  4. Move the Airplane Mode switch to ON position.

When you're done with your flight you can disable Airplane Mode and restore your device in normal mode. These were all the steps you had to go over in order to learn how to enable and disable your Galaxy S10 Airplane Mode.

If you need any extra help with some Galaxy S10 settings, then feel free to let us know in comments. Make sure to list as many details as you can for any problems you're experiencing while using your device.

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