The info below is destined to be used by those that are looking to increase their Galaxy S10 touch sensitivity. The guide should help in case you have installed a screen protector over your Galaxy S10 display.

All the Samsung devices are packing a cool new feature that allows its users to enable it and increase the touch sensitivity of their devices in case they have added a protective layer of tempered glass over the phone's screen. The cool new feature should greatly improve the way you interact with your Galaxy S10 when and make it seem like nothing has changed since you've added the tempered glass.

In case you've noticed that your Galaxy S10 screen responsiveness has decreased out of a sudden without it having a screen protector over it, then you might want to send your phone to a repair shop, as the problems might be due to a faulty hardware.

How to Increase Galaxy S10 Touch Sensitivity:

In order to change and improve the display sensitivity your Galaxy S10 registers then you will need to open the Settings menu first. Then you have to open the Display options and scroll down until your reach the "Touch Sensitivity" section. Enable the toggle for this option and confirm the process.

From now on you should notice that the phone will better register every touch it senses and you shouldn't have any problems using the device from now on. Please note that in case you remove the screen protector, then you should disable the "touch sensitivity" function, too.

If you know of any other cool tips and tricks on how to better control your Samsung Galaxy S10 or any other Android device, then feel free to let us know in comments below. Also, if you're experience any problems using your Android device you should use the same comments field and we will try to help you in any way we can.

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