Check the info below if you want to learn how to manually enable the Night Mode for your Samsung Galaxy S9 device. Note that your device should be running Android 9 Pie firmware in order for it to feature the Night Mode function.

If your phone runs on older Oreo OS, then you should first upgrade it to Android 9.0 Pie firmware in order to be able to enable a Night Mode for your device. Go to Settings> Software Update and use the Download and Install feature in order to install the new Android 9 Pie update.

How to enable Night Mode for Galaxy S9:

If your phone is running the Android 9 Pie OS then you can follow the steps below and learn how to easily enable the Night Mode for your device.

  • open the Notifications panel.
  • find the Night Mode toggle.
  • tap once the Night Mode icon.
  • the dark theme should be enabled under five seconds.
  • in order to disable it you simply have to tap once again on the Night Mode toggle.

If you prefer to use the Night Mode only at night, then you should know that you can enable it on a schedule. Go to Settings> Display> Night Mode menu> tap on "turn on as scheduled" option and set the time when you want Night Mode to get enabled.

If you don't want to use the Night Mode and you want a different type of theme, then you can download one from the Galaxy Themes store. Go to Settings> Wallpapers and Themes. Now you should browse the Themes store and find the theme you wish to install on your device.

Note that some themes are paid, and you will have to purchase them before installing them. Feel free to list in the comments below some of the themes you think are great when applied on the Galaxy S9.

Also, if you require any extra help related to various features on the Galaxy S9, then you can tell us in comments and we will gladly offer you some form of assistance.

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