With Android 9 Pie you can finally get a dark theme for your Galaxy Note 9 device. The Dark Theme or Night Mode can be easily enabled by anyone right from their phone's notification panel toggles.

Samsung has added a Night Mode for all the Galaxy Note 9 and all the other models running the Android 9 Pie OS. Safe Mode on Samsung phones can be used to fix any type of issues these units are experiencing.

How to enable Dark Theme / Night Mode for Galaxy Note 9:

The Night Mode can be enabled right from your phone's notification toggles, or you can choose to automate it and have it enabled only at a specific time frame.

Here's how to enable Night Mode Dark Theme and have it running at all times:

  • open the Notifications panel.
  • find the Night Mode toggle.
  • tap on it once and the Night Mode will get enabled almost instantly.

In order to disable it you have to tap the Night Mode toggle once more.

If you don't want to use the Night at all times, then you can choose to set a schedule for it to get enabled:

  • open the Settings menu.
  • go to Display.
  • open the Night Mode menu.
  • tap once the "Turn on as scheduled" option.
  • set the time frame you wish to have Night Mode enabled on your Galaxy Note 9.

These were all the steps you had to follow in order to learn how to enable the Night Mode for your smartphone.

If you require any extra help booting Night Mode or setting up any other different options for your Galaxy Note 9 device, then you have to tell us in comments and we will gladly come up with a solution for you.

The Dark Theme can also be achieved by installing a different theme right from the Galaxy Themes store, as you can go to Settings> Wallpapers and Themes> and open the Themes section. Note that some of the themes listed there need to be purchased in order to install them on your Galaxy Note 9 phone.

In the Galaxy Themes store you will also find new Wallpapers, Icons, and Always-on-Display overlays, too. You can also list below some of the coolest items you have found while browsing the Galaxy Themes store for others to enjoy.

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