The Developer Options menu is a hidden part of any Android device, as it allows advanced users to take better control over their devices when needing to optimize various apps, or basic Android software in order to make their phones run better.

By using Developer Options you can enable USB Debugging and allow data to be transferred between your PC and your Android phone/ tablet, or you can use it to take a bug report and learn more about whatever problem your device experiences when it comes to running Android.

The USB Debugging mode allows users to connect their devices with computers and easily move files between them, or it can be used to debug problems that have started to be shown by old software, old apps, etc.

The Developer Options menu along with USB Debugging need to be enabled in order for users to be able to install new Android official update while using the ODIN app. Odin is a small tool designed to help advanced users to install the latest Android firmware for any Samsung device, while for other Android device brands you will still need the same USB Debugging app to be running when trying to upgrade the firmware.

How to enable Developer Options and USB Debugging for all Android devices:

  1. Go to your phone's App drawer.
  2. Open the Settings menu.
  3. Go to About Device option.
  4. Open and find the Software Information menu.
  5. Tap seven times on the Software Build version to unlock Developer Options.
  6. Return to Settings menu, scroll down and you will find the new Developer Options menu.
  7. Open Developer Options.
  8. Now find USB debugging and enable it.

You should be able to successfully connect your device with your computer from now on. For more help you can tell us in comments below.

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