The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Download Mode allows users to install new updates manually without having to wait for the official Android firmware to roll out over-the-air (OTA). Check all the info below and you will learn how to easily enter Download Mode for your Galaxy Note 10+.

The Download Mode on Galaxy Note 10 Plus can be paired with the Odin tool in order to install new firmware updates. Usually these updates are being sent by Samsung over-the-air, but there are users who are always looking to update their phones manually with firmware builds from different countries, as it is faster than waiting for the official roll out.

How to boot Download Mode for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+:

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Download Mode can be accessed easily when the device is powered off.

Here's how to boot Download Mode on Galaxy Note 10 Plus:

  • power off the device.
  • press and hold Volume Down + Power/ Bixby buttons at the same time.
  • release the buttons when the screen turns blue.
  • press Volume Up to confirm Download Mode boot.

After the device enters in Download Mode you can easily connect it with your PC. Note that you need to have the Samsung USB drivers installed on your PC.

Also, your phone's Developer Options and USB Debugging option should be enabled in order to make sure that your galaxy Note 10 is detected by the computer. Go to Settings> About phone

How to enable Developer Options on Galaxy Note 10 Plus:

Go to Settings> About Phone> Software Information menu. Here you have to tap seven times on the "Build number" text and this will enable Developer Options. You can now find the Developer Options listed under the Settings menu.

Open Developer Options and enable the USB Debugging from its settings menu.

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