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How to Enter Download Mode on Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5, just like all the other Samsung smartphones, features Download Mode, which allows you to flash files on your device by connecting it to a computer. It’s really easy to enter download mode, but you should first know what are the implications of flashing bad files on your Galaxy S5, because it can brick it if not done correctly.

Download Mode is used mostly for Samsung devices, while other manufacturers are using other similar features to allow users to flash files on their smartphones.

Like we told you before, it’s easy to enter download mode on the Samsung Galaxy S5, but make sure to always flash only the files created especially for it. If you flash a file for another device, you can brick it and it could require a motherboard replacement in order to be unbricked.

If you’re running on a stock Android ROM, then here is how to enter download mode on your Samsung Galaxy S5:

  1. Turn off the device.
  2. With the device turned off, press Volume Down, Home and Power Buttons simultaneously.
  3. Once you see the warning message, release all buttons.
  4. Press Volume Up to enter download mode.
  5. Now your device should be in download mode.

If your device is rooted and running a custom ROM, you could find a Reboot in download mode option in the power menu, which can be accessed by holding the power button.

Once you boot in download mode, you will need Odin to flash files on your Galaxy S5. You can download Odin 3.09 here, which is the latest version.

In order to flash something on your Galaxy S5, make sure it’s disconnected from the computer, enter download mode, launch Odin on your computer and open the file you want to flash. Now you can connect your Galaxy S5 to the computer and press Start in Odin.

If you encounter any issues entering download mode or flashing anything on your Samsung Galaxy S5, let us know in the comments section below and we’ll do our best to help.

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