This tutorial will teach you how to successfully boot the Fastboot Mode for your HTC One M8 smartphone.

The Fastboot Mode allows users to unlock bootloader, then they can flash new recoveries, custom ROMs, kernels, themes or any other type of Android file that can be used to improve the overall smartphone experience.

Also, Fastboot Mode can be used for tons of other things. The first thing that you need to do is to boot the Bootloader mode and then go to Fastboot menu. This hidden menu is present on all popular smartphones whose name isn't Samsung, though the HTC one is somewhat different, as you first need to load Bootloader menu and only after that you can put the device in Fastboot.

This sub-system mode is usually used by advanced Android users. Do not attempt to use this guide in case you're a beginner.

Note that we cannot be blamed in case you use Fastboot Mode and lose all data that is stored on the HTC One M8 nor in case you brick it.

Note that the Fastboot Mode can be used to unlock the bootloader of your phone. That means that you will lose all data files that are stored on your device, so it would be best for you to backup all your important files before starting such process.

How to enter Fastboot Mode for HTC One 2014 M8

  1. Power off the smartphone completely.
    - make sure that it is not connected to your PC.
  2. After several seconds with the phone turned off you should press Power.
  3. After the device powers on you need to press and hold Volume Down and then press again Power.
  4. This will load the Bootloader Mode of your HTC One M8 and you can release all buttons.
    - note that this might be trickier than you would normally expect, so you should more than once in case it doesn't work at the first attempt.
  5. Use the Volume buttons to select FASTBOOT option. Press Power to boot the Fastboot Mode.

These were all the steps that you had to take in order to learn how to successfully boot your HTC One M8 2014 model into Fastboot Mode.

If you fail at your first attempt, then you should try to repeat the guide than once as you will eventually manage to boot correctly.

If you have any other questions, then you should ask for more help in comments as we will try to come up with a viable solution for any problem you encounter.

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