If you have installed the TWRP or CWM Recovery for your smartphone, but you don't know how to successfully boot the custom Recovery Mode then this is the guide for you.

Also, this guide teaches you how to boot into Stock Recovery mode too.

Booting into TWRP / CWM or Stock Recovery Mode is one of the easiest tasks that someone has to apply on their Nexus 4 devices. Press a couple of buttons and you're set. If you don't have any custom Recoveries installed on your device, then you can use the following tutorial here and learn how to do it. Note that the 'how to install custom Recovery images for Nexus 4' guide will work only with N4 devices that are currently running on an unlocked bootloader.

How to boot TWRP / CWM Recovery Mode for Google Nexus 4:

  1. Power off your smartphone completely.
  2. Press and hold Volume Up, Volume Down and Power buttons simultaneously.
  3. Release the buttons when the Bootloader / Fastboot mode menu appears.
  4. You will the Start button listed on this screen, press Volume Down or Up until the 'start' text changes to Recovery Mode.
  5. Press Power to confirm that you wish to boot into Recovery Mode.
  6. That's it. Use the Custom Recovery Mode options and flash custom ROMs, apply root or complete any of the tasks that you find while browsing this new area of your device.

Since you've learned how to manually boot into Custom Recovery Mode, now you should read the next set of instructions if your device is still rocking a full stock Android 4.x OS and you don't know how to boot into stock Recovery 3e Mode.

How to boot Stock Recovery Mode for Google Nexus 4:

This process is similar to the one listed above.

  1. Power off the Nexus 4.
  2. Press and hold at the same time Volume Up, Volume Down and Power buttons.
  3. When you're at the Bootloader / Fastboot main screen press Volume Up until the Start text turns to Recovery mode.
  4. Press Power to boot the Recovery Mode.
    > shortly you will see a green Android laid on its back with a red exclamation mark.
  5. Press and hold Power button and immediately press the Volume UP.
  6. This will open the Stock Recovery mode of your Nexus 4.

There are some other alternative ways for you to boot Custom Recovery for your Nexus 4. You will need to download and use some apps from Google Play Store and you should know that these will work only with rooted devices. Non-rooted phones aren't supported by the next part of this article.

How to boot Google Nexus 4 into TWRP Recovery using GooManager:

  1. Install GooManager app on your Nexus 4 from Google Play Store - link here.
  2. Launch the application.
  3. Click on the Reboot Recovery button.
  4. Wait for your device to boot into TWRP Recovery Mode.
  5. When done, click Reboot and then System for the Nexus 4 to return to its home screen.

How to boot into CWM Recovery on Google Nexus 4 using ROM Manager:

  1. Download ROM Manager tool for your Nexus 4 from Play Store - link here.
  2. Launch ROM Manager on your device.
  3. Click the 'Reboot into Recovery' option.
  4. Confirm.
  5. Wait for your Nexus 4 to load all the required files for it to boot into CWM Recovery mode.
  6. When you're done applying any tasks, simply select 'reboot system now' and wait for your device to boot into normal mode.

These were all the instructions that I had for you. If you have any other questions, then please feel free to post them as comments using the section at the end of this post.

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